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Prevent myopia and avoid reading in the car

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:01:09

Prevent myopia and avoid reading in the car

On the bus, we often see such a scene: many people hold the handrail with one hand, and hold the mobile phone with the other hand, their eyes are fixed on the screen, and their eyes cannot be separated from each other. During the peak hours of work, it is often seen that some elementary school students in the car are holding homework books or reading or writing, but is this really good? First of all, no matter what kind of vehicle, no matter what kind of road surface, there will be a certain degree of bumps. Reading in such a bumpy state, because the distance and orientation between the book and the eyes vary, in order to see the content of the book clearly, the eyes have to make catch-up adjustments between the beating words. This can easily lead to visual fatigue. Visual fatigue is what needs to be relieved in time in the treatment of myopia. Secondly, in addition to the bumps of the car body, the light in the car will also undergo complex changes during the traveling process of the vehicle, which will accelerate the generation or aggravate the degree of visual fatigue. Studies have shown that the light inside a vehicle is not suitable for reading, either during the day or at night. This is especially true for patients who require myopia treatment. Furthermore, the impermanent changes in the external light will exert strong and weak light stimulation on the eyes. To adapt to this ever-changing light stimulus, the eyes have to strengthen the adjustment. However, the adjustment of the eyes can't keep up with the changes of the light anyway, but will keep the eyes in a state of high tension all the time. This is one of the elements that can lead to myopia or reduce the effectiveness of myopia treatment. Not only that, but many cars are now equipped with TV equipment. This can certainly help passengers to pass the boredom of the ride. It will virtually increase the risk of myopia treatment. The reasoning is similar to reading in the car. Du Chen warmly reminds: The best way to rest your eyes during the ride is to avoid reading for a long time. You can choose to look at the scenery outside the window, or close your eyes and rest, both are good choices. In addition, the symptoms of visual fatigue can also be improved through corresponding training.

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