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What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?

Posting time:2023-01-31 13:13:22

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?

Nowadays, many office workers are constantly facing the computer, and they sit all day long and work in front of the computer for many years. This is more than that. Even after get off work at night, it is normal for you to play with your mobile phone all day when you are rarely relaxed. If this goes on, it will not only radiate a lot to the eyes, but it will inevitably lead to fatigue due to long-term overuse of the eyes, and it is not surprising to visit dry eye. Patients with dry eye will have various symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. If not treated in time, it will have a great impact on the eyes. Therefore, we must understand the symptoms of dry eye syndrome and relieve them in time. One of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome: dry eyes and foreign body sensation Patients with dry eye syndrome often feel that the eyes are very dry, and then they always feel that there is something like sand moving in the eyes, but they can't get it out. If you have dry eyes, you will often be unable to open your eyes, and you will always want to sleep, which has a certain impact on study and work. If your eyes are dry, you can use a hot compress on your eyes to relieve dry eye symptoms. The second symptom of dry eye syndrome: pain, photophobia, tearing. If the symptoms of dry eye syndrome are severe, photophobia and pain in the eyes will appear. Under the sun, if I encounter strong light, I can't open my eyes, and I feel the symptoms of stinging eyes, and I can't help crying now. Therefore, dry eye patients should avoid strong light exposure to the eyes. The third symptom of dry eye syndrome: conjunctivitis Dry eye syndrome will cause itching of the eyes. Some people can't help but rub their eyes, and there are bacteria on their hands. Inflammation is also a serious eye disease that requires prompt treatment. There are many symptoms of dry eye syndrome, which will undoubtedly make people feel uncomfortable in the eyes. Therefore, when the symptoms of dry eyes appear, we can relieve the symptoms of dry eyes by applying hot compresses to the eyes, massaging the eyes, applying eye drops, and moisturizing the eyes with artificial tears. At the same time, pay more attention to eye rest during dry eye syndrome, watch less mobile phones and computers, and eat more foods rich in vitamins.

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