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How can I improve my eyesight? 4 essential nutrients for daily supplements

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:35:26

How can I improve my eyesight? 4 essential nutrients for daily supplements

Today, with the rapid development of electronic products, whether children or adults, they basically use mobile phones and tablets. Eyes bring great damage, and eventually lead to severe vision loss and various eye diseases. In life, if you want to reduce the occurrence of eye diseases, one of the things you must do is to take in various nutrients. Here are some of them.

If you want to have good eyesight, supplement these vitamins reasonably!

The first type: The vitamin C family is in the structure of the eye, and a very important part is the lens. To maintain the health of the lens, it is necessary to consume a large amount of vitamin C. Of course, if the human body is deficient in vitamin C, the lens of the eye will begin to appear cloudy, which can eventually lead to cataract problems. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat more vegetables such as cabbage, green peppers, and cauliflower. The second: vitamin B is the most stored substance in the human retina. When the vitamin B stored in the human eye is not enough, there will be problems such as tears in the eyes, fear of light, visual fatigue, etc. After supplementing with vitamin B, the related symptoms will disappear naturally, so you must eat more green vegetables such as beans in your diet. The third type: Calcium Calcium is a substance that many people know that the human body cannot lack. Whether it is a child or an elderly person, lack of calcium will not only lead to osteoporosis, but also cause serious damage to the eyes. big. Because when the human body is deficient in calcium, the elasticity of the eyeball and sclera will begin to be greatly reduced, resulting in an increase in the lens, and finally the appearance of myopia. It is recommended that you eat a lot of foods rich in this element, such as beans, vegetables, bones and so on. The fourth: vitamin A requires enough vitamin A to keep the human cornea in a normal state, otherwise it is prone to dryness and degeneration; not only that, vitamin A can also better protect glasses in the dark And skin, so you can eat more vitamin A-rich carrots, apples and other foods. Eyes are the key to our contact with the outside world, so in daily life, we must always learn to protect our eyes. Supplementing vitamins through food is the easiest and most convenient way. Therefore, both the elderly and children should learn to eat more of the ingredients recommended above. I believe that perseverance can play a very good role in our binocular vision. protective effect.

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