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The external predisposing factors of children's myopia, caring parents need to prevent in advance

Posting time:2023-01-31 03:49:09

The external predisposing factors of children's myopia, caring parents need to prevent in advance

Nowadays, more and more children are short-sighted. Among the young people, how to prevent and improve the vision problems of young people has become the focus and concern of children's parents. EVision is committed to protecting the visual health of young people, and has sorted out the 5 reasons why parents need to beware of children's myopia, hoping to attract the attention of children's parents. 1. Too much time to look close In the city, people's line of sight is within 5 meters most of the time. You can't explain to your child what the horizon is because you can't see it at all! It is precisely because the vision in the city is not wide and the environment that can be provided for the child to look far is lacking, and his eyes are getting more and more tired due to long-term vision. 2. There is too little time for outdoor activities. The living space is too small. Children spend most of the time indoors, and use their eyes a lot at close range. Children's eyes are very adaptable, and they will adjust themselves to adapt to this close proximity. distance. Moreover, the more time you spend in the house, the more opportunities you have to watch TV and play with the computer. If you don't pay attention to distance and posture, it is easy for your eyes to get too tired. Outdoors, no matter how close an object is, it must be farther away than indoors. Studies have shown that children who exercise outdoors are less likely to be nearsighted than children who do not go out often. 3. Mainly indoor games What did we play before? Playing tops, throwing sandbags, hide-and-seek, rolling hoop... In short, most of them are outdoor group activities. During outdoor activities, the eyes will automatically adjust to see things at different distances, using the eyes alternately from far and near, so that the ciliary muscles of the eyes are adjusted and will not feel tired. Now parents, for reasons of safety and convenience, let their children play at home in most cases. Even if you invite a child to play together, either at his house or at your house, indoor games are still the main focus. In this way, children are using their eyes at close range, and the burden on the eyes is very heavy. 4. Improper lighting intensity Is the lighting bright enough? I'm worried that the lights are too dim to affect my child's vision. "We generally think so. In fact, ophthalmologists believe that the light for children to read and write is not too dim, but too bright! Too strong light will make children's eyes easily tired. What children need is soft It is necessary to ensure that the light comes from the front left of the child. Therefore, when the child reads and writes at night, choose a light that can adjust the brightness and adjust the brightness to soft. 5. Book paper and printing are too "special" More and more exquisite printing and more and more exquisite paper make children's books more and more ornamental. However, these exquisite books may also hurt children's eyes. The coated paper is too reflective, especially at night. Dazzling eyes. This kind of dazzling light is medically called glare, it makes what you see more unclear, and the eyes are more prone to fatigue. After the child is born, the vision development is not yet mature, and it will not be close to the adult level until the age of 5. .So young children can't look at things that are too small and unclear. The characters are larger, the pictures are simpler, and the contrast is more obvious, which is suitable for children, so that children's eyes are not easy to get tired. If you often look at small things , or the color contrast is not clear, the workload of the ciliary muscle and the lens will increase. The lens is dominated by the ciliary muscle, and the ciliary muscle stretches and relaxes, so that its function can remain normal. If it is in a state of tension for a long time, relaxation If it doesn't come down, it will spasm and form pseudo-myopia. Therefore, for the sake of children's vision health, as parents, we should often take our children to do outdoor activities!

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