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Teach you how to read optometry

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:22:42

Teach you how to read optometry

Today, I will tell you about how to read optometry documents, it is actually very simple. The following is a computer optometry receipt NAME: customer name, generally empty. 2018.08.25 PM 18:30: Optometry time FLO FKR-8900: Device model REF DATA: Optometry data VD: Lens distance, which indicates the distance from the vertex of the cornea to the rear surface of the lens, generally 12mmR: Right eye, usually written as ODL in hospitals : Left eye, generally written as OSS: spherical lens power in hospitals, the minus sign represents myopia, just on behalf of hyperopia or presbyopia C: Astigmatism power A: Astigmatism axial position PD: Interpupillary distance AVE: spherical lens power, the average of astigmatism power and axial position number, because it is a multiple measurement, so the average number. S.E.: Astigmatism power converted to spherical power. Some customers are not suitable for astigmatism, so they need to remove the astigmatism and convert it into a spherical lens. S.E.=S+C/2, such as the right eye above -2.25=-1.75+(-1.00/2) NingBo FLO Co.,Ltd: The equipment manufacturer gives a chestnut: S C AAVE -1.75 -1.00 96S.E . -2.25 means that the customer has 175 degrees of myopia and 100 degrees of astigmatism in the right eye, the axis is at 96 degrees, and the degree without astigmatism is 225 degrees. S C AAVE -1.75 -0.25 90S.E. -1.75 means that the client has 175 degrees of myopia and 25 degrees of astigmatism in the left eye, the axis is at 90 degrees, and the degree without astigmatism is 175 degrees. So how do you usually say how many degrees come from? It's very simple, you just need to multiply by 100. The above documents are checked by a computer, and are only used as a reference for the prescription of an optometrist. After testing with a computer refractometer, a comprehensive refractometer needs to be used for further accuracy. The above is just a relatively simple refraction examination, and the examination can be completed in at most ten minutes, so why do some optical shops take thirty or forty minutes, because in addition to the refraction examination, there are also inspections of visual function, and the inspection items are more. There are a lot of them, so please don't be impatient with the optical shop friends who have a long inspection time. Well, that's all for today, friends who like it can follow it!

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