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Matters needing attention in high myopia exercise

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:30:20

Matters needing attention in high myopia exercise

1. Classification of degree of myopia Myopia can be divided into the following four categories according to the degree of degree: mild myopia: within 300 degrees, moderate myopia: 300-600 degrees, high myopia: 600-900 degrees, super high myopia: more than 900 degrees. Types of myopia are mostly caused by pathological reasons. 2. Symptoms of retinal detachment The axial length of a normal person is 24 mm, and the degree of myopia increases by 300 degrees for every 1 mm increase in the axial length of the eye. People with high myopia have a longer axial length, thinner eyeball walls, and weakened retinas, just like when a balloon is blown up, the walls of the balloon will become thinner, and our retinas will also become thinner, and the pressure it can withstand will also become smaller. . Once affected by external force, retinal detachment or tear is prone to occur. If you have the following symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. 1. A flash of light is seen in the absence of light or with eyes closed. 2. Suddenly there are many small dots flying, commonly known as "floaters". 3. Notice the loss of part or all of the image, like a curtain covering the eyes. 3. Sports that are not suitable for high myopia People with high myopia should not do intense sports, such as basketball, football, badminton, fast running, diving, bungee jumping, high jump, boxing, etc. Because these movements have a great impact on the human body, it is easy to hit the eyes accidentally, detach the retina, and cause blindness. Fourth, what kind of exercise is suitable for high myopia People with high myopia should choose a relatively mild way to exercise, such as jogging, hiking, Tai Chi and so on. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to protecting their eyes, because myopia not only limits our vision, but also limits our movement.

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