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Frame glasses maintenance tips

Posting time:2023-01-28 05:38:18

Frame glasses maintenance tips

Frame glasses maintenance tips If you go to the optical shop with glasses shopping guide, have you told you how to properly use and maintain glasses and prolong the use time? Here are some precautions for glasses maintenance.

1. Take and wear with both hands

Many people are used to using one hand when wearing or taking off glasses, which will cause uneven force on the temples, causing the temples to be tall and short, and worn on the face One side is tall and the other is short, the optical centers of the two eyes are not on the same horizontal line, and the eye comfort is reduced. In special cases, for example, the customer's ears are high and the ear is low, and this situation should be adjusted according to the needs of the customer. One high and one low are unqualified.

2. Don't wipe the lens with the corners of your clothes and paper

Let's talk about what to do first. The correct way is to rinse the lens with water first, and then use The special audition cloth or audition paper should be wiped in one direction, and it must be in one direction, otherwise it will not be wiped cleanly. Rinse with water first and wipe in one direction. When the glasses are dusty or oily, and there is no audition cloth at hand, some friends wipe the lenses with the corners of their clothes or paper towels, which is the most damaging to the lenses. Because the current lenses are all made of resin materials, the surface is coated, and the hardness is not as high as that of glass lenses, dust and oil will be absorbed on the lenses, and the surface of clothes and paper towels is also very rough, so it is easy to scratch the lenses, and the scratched lenses have light transmittance. Decreased, it will produce symptoms such as diffuse reflection and blurred vision. Do not wipe with clothes

3. Avoid contact with high temperature

The surface of the lens is coated with many layers of film, just like putting a layer of clothing on the lens to increase the hardness, light transmittance, UV protection, waterproof and waterproof of the lens The ability of fog to prevent oil pollution, the film layer is easy to expand and fall off when heated, so don't wear glasses to take a bath, take a sauna, put it in front of the windshield in summer, and put it in the mirror box when not in use. Do not expose to the sun in the car

4. How to fold the temples correctly

Folding the temples is also very important, you should fold the left temple first, and then fold the right temple. Most of the optical shops now provide free cleaning of glasses and replacement of spare parts. If you find that the glasses are dirty or the screws are loose outside, you can take them directly to the optical shop and let them help you deal with it, which is also the easiest.

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