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Myopia errors

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:07:30

Myopia errors

1. Wearing glasses will lead to the deepening of the degree

Many friends who are short-sighted do not go for optometry, worrying that the degree will be deeper and deeper, so they keep dragging it until they can't see clearly. Shop to get glasses. Have you ever noticed that at first you could see things in the distance just by squinting lightly, but then you can't see clearly after squinting hard? This means that your degree is slowly increasing. In fact, wearing glasses will not lead to a deepening of the degree, on the contrary, not wearing glasses will lead to a deepening of the degree. Matching a pair of glasses only solves the problem of refractive error, not everything will be fine. If you don't pay attention to eye hygiene when you go back, the degree will also deepen. Some optical shops will remind customers to come and check their eyesight every once in a while, because now most people have been in contact with computers and mobile phones for a long time. Glasses don't fit. It is recommended that you review your vision 1-2 times a year.

2. It is best to use a lower degree of glasses.

There is a standard for vision correction, which is generally corrected to 1.0. Some people cannot adapt to the high degree for a while, and the optometrist will appropriately reduce the degree. When the degree is low, the eyes cannot see things clearly in the most relaxed state, and the eyes are easily fatigued.

3. Wearing glasses will cause deformation of the eyeball

The axial length of a person's eye is 24 mm, and the degree of myopia increases by 300 degrees for every 1 mm increase in the length. For those with high myopia, the axial length of the eye is relatively long. Protruding eyes, but this has nothing to do with glasses.

4. Glasses do not need to be worn all the time

When the degree of myopia is less than 200 degrees, you can consider not wearing glasses when looking at near objects, but you should wear glasses when looking at distant objects. When the degree of myopia is greater than 200 degrees, glasses need to be worn all the time in order to obtain better visual quality.

5. Refuse to dilate children's pupils, mydriasis hurts the eyes

Children under 12 years old have a strong eye adjustment effect. Discovered by dilated optometry. The symptoms of blurred vision and inability to open eyes under strong light caused by dilated pupils are temporary. Dilated pupils will not leave any discomfort, and will not have long-term effects on the eyes.

6. Wear a pair of glasses to the end

There are many people who come to the store to wear glasses, either because their glasses are broken, or they can't see clearly when they wear the original glasses, and the lenses are completely scratched when they take out the glasses. . Not to mention whether the power of the eyes has changed, the lenses will wear out over time, the light transmittance and image quality will decline, and it will not look good when worn on the face. The resin lenses used now should generally be replaced in about 2 years.

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