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How to correctly view the hospital and optical shop optometry, online glasses

Posting time:2023-01-31 06:04:17

How to correctly view the hospital and optical shop optometry, online glasses

I believe that many friends think that hospital optometry is more professional than optical shop optometry, but glasses are expensive, so they thought of a good way, first spend some money to go to the hospital for optometry, and then get the optometry online to get glasses, but after wearing it I also found various discomforts, such as dizziness, visual distortion, stepping down the stairs and so on. So I thought that there was a problem with the quality of the online glasses, but the customer service staff of the online store said there was no problem, and let you adapt to it for a few days. After a few days of adaptation, these phenomena still did not improve, so I contacted the customer service of the online store for all kinds of bullshit, returns, etc. . These problems are common in both physical optical shops and online glasses. There are many reasons, such as inappropriate degrees, deviation of interpupillary distance, lens distance, face bending angle, tilt angle, etc. an elaboration. Below I will give you a brief introduction to the similarities and differences between the optical shop and the hospital optometry. (1) Convergence of optometry and processing equipment. Optometry equipment: computer optometry and comprehensive optometry, processing equipment: edging machine, and other auxiliary equipment, both domestic and imported. Hospitals with strong financial strength are equipped with imported optometry and processing equipment, and general stores use domestic equipment, but the functions are basically the same, and the difference is not very big. (2) Hospitals can dilate pupils, but optical shops cannot. The biggest advantage of hospital optometry is that it can dilate the pupils, especially children and adolescents should choose to go to the hospital for the first optometry to rule out the possibility of pseudo-myopia. (3) Abnormal visual function should choose a hospital or a professional visual training institution. Optical shops are limited to personnel, technology and equipment. At present, only refractive correction is performed. If there is strabismus, amblyopia, etc., I believe that everyone will not go to the optical shop. (4) Optometrist optometry and processing technology. This varies from person to person, and we can't generally think that the hospital is more professional than the optical shop. In case the person who goes to the hospital to give you an optometry is a novice, you don't know that there are also experienced optometry personnel in the optical shop. But relatively speaking, the threshold for entering the hospital is definitely higher than the threshold for optical shops. To sum up, the hospital is more professional than the store in terms of equipment, personnel, technology, etc. It is not wrong to choose to go to the hospital for optometry, but why is it uncomfortable to wear glasses in the end? This also talks about the difference between optometry and glasses. Let's talk about the conclusion first, optometry ≠ glasses degree. Optometry is the best vision you can achieve. With this degree of prescription, you can see clearly, but it is not necessarily comfortable. You will experience dizziness, nausea, walking uphill or downhill, stepping down stairs, etc. Optometrists will try them on after optometry, and the optometrist will keep asking you if you have any discomfort. Some friends take the data of mydriasis and optometry in the hospital to get glasses online. Of course, wearing them will be uncomfortable. The data of mydriasis cannot be directly used as the prescription of glasses. If you go to the optical shop to get glasses, the optical shop will try on the prescription first to see if it is suitable. If it is not suitable, you can make adjustments, but it cannot be achieved online, and online after-sales is also impossible, unless you go to test it. Pairs of glasses do have quality issues, but that's a lot of trouble. Why are online glasses so cheap? Because the two steps of optometry and after-sales service are missing. Then the conclusion is again, if you are children and teenagers, then you can go to the hospital for optometry, the price is slightly more expensive, but the parents will not care. If you are an adult, it is the best choice to go to an optical shop for optometry. If you are more concerned about the price, you can choose domestic lenses and relatively cheap frames. In order to verify the accuracy of the optometry, some friends went to several optical shops for optometry. The results were different for each store. In the end, they were blinded, and they didn't know which one to use. Why is the degree of optometry different in each optical shop? There are mainly the following reasons. (1) The state of the human eye is different, the refraction degree for eye fatigue is high, and the refraction degree for eye relaxation is low. It is generally considered that the morning refraction is ideal. (2) There are errors in different optometry instruments. Because these instruments are produced by different manufacturers, the standards are different, but the data of the computer refractometer can only be used as a reference, and there are some differences that do not affect the refraction. (3) The environment is different. It is impossible for each optical shop to achieve the same ambient brightness. The degree of light may be low, and the degree of darkness may be high. (4) Optometrists' skills are uneven, and everyone's standards are different. For example, it is also corrected to 1.0. Optometrist A believes that 200 degrees is enough, and optometrist B believes that 225 is needed. There is also the degree of astigmatism. Some people think that 50 degrees and below are physiological astigmatism, which can be omitted. (5) The degree of cooperation of customers. In the subjective optometry stage, that is, when the optometrist asks you whether it is clear or blurred, the answer is different, which will also lead to differences in the degree. Although the optometry of each optical shop can be different, they are relatively close. It is normal for a difference of less than 50 degrees. If you really go to several optical shops for optometry and get different optometry, you don’t know what to do. You can think about it, do I want to see more clearly or more comfortably, if you want to see more clearly, choose a higher degree, if you want to see more comfortably, the degree of clarity is not required. If it is high, choose a lower degree. This is just a suggestion, not a standard. In the end, you can find a satisfactory degree by trying it on.

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