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Long-term use of electronic products is prone to dry eye syndrome

Posting time:2023-01-31 06:48:40

Long-term use of electronic products is prone to dry eye syndrome

It is estimated that the electronic products that everyone comes into contact with the most are mobile phones, computers, and TVs, whether it is on the road, in the car, at home, in the company, etc. Our eyes are always in a state of staring, which leads to a decrease in the number of blinks, a decrease in tear secretion, and a long-term exposure of the cornea to the air, which causes the tears to evaporate quickly on the surface of the eyes, causing a series of symptoms such as dry eyes and easy fatigue. By reading the following, you can have a general understanding of dry eye syndrome and how to prevent and relieve the symptoms of eye discomfort.

I. What is dry eye

Dry eye, also known as keratoconjunctival xerophthalmia, refers to abnormal tear quality or quantity or dynamic abnormality caused by any reason, resulting in decreased tear film stability and accompanied by An umbrella term for various diseases characterized by ocular discomfort and/or ocular surface tissue lesions. Tear film structure tear quality: normal tears form a layer of tear film on the ocular surface, and the tear film is divided into three layers from the outside to the inside, lipid layer, water-like layer, and mucin layer. reduce. Number of tears: Normal people secrete tears in each eye at a rate of 1 μL/min. Insufficient secretion or excessive evaporation will result in insufficient tears.

2. What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms of dry eye include dry eyes, easy fatigue, itchy glasses, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, fear of wind, and photophobia. Sometimes the eyes are too dry, and the lack of basic tears stimulates the secretion of reflex tears, causing the symptoms of frequent tears; in severe cases, the eyes will be red, swollen, hyperemia, keratinized, and the corneal epithelium will be broken and filaments will adhere. It can cause keratoconjunctivopathy and affect vision.

Three, who are prone to dry eye syndrome

Long-term use of computers, mobile phones, and glasses staring at the screen, reducing the number of blinks Decreased, the function of lacrimal glands to secrete tears is weakened. Menopausal women after the age of 45, endocrine disorders Carotene vegetables. Artificial tears: Dry eye symptoms can be relieved by artificial tears, which can improve ocular surface lubrication and increase humidity. However, note that artificial tears are still different from those produced by the human eye. Most varieties of artificial tears eye drops contain preservatives, and frequent and frequent use will damage the cornea, so it is best to use them under the guidance of a doctor. Improve your lifestyle: The easiest way is to blink more to increase the secretion of tears; avoid using computers and mobile phones for a long time, and take a 10-minute break every 1 hour; keep enough sleep and reduce staying up late; if the environment is dry, you can use a humidifier. Blink more to get enough sleep

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