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Introduction and Correction of Presbyopia

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:54:52

Introduction and Correction of Presbyopia

Years are always easy to make people old, blue silk turns white hair, red cherries, green plantains. A common saying goes: "Forty-seven-eight, two eyes are blooming", which is the phenomenon of presbyopia. Today, I will tell you about presbyopia.

I. What is presbyopia

Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a pathological state nor a refractive error. With the increase of age, the lens gradually hardens, its elasticity decreases, and the contractility of the ciliary muscle gradually weakens, resulting in a decline in the ability to adjust, and it is impossible to pull the image behind the retina to the retina, resulting in blurred vision. , usually after the age of 40. Presbyopia focuses on the retina

2. Symptoms of presbyopia

The main symptoms of presbyopia are as follows: 1. Seeing far away clearly, seeing near blur, and easy to fatigue, soreness, tears, and the habit of squinting. 2. I like to read in a strong light environment, it is difficult to distinguish small fonts, and it is more comfortable to read it from a distance. 3. When suddenly turning from a distant object to look at a close-up object, the object feels blurry, and it becomes clear after a while.

Three, several stages of presbyopia

With the decline of accommodation, presbyopia can be divided into four stages, namely unconscious stage, conscious stage, restless stage, and stable stage, each stage has different characteristics, as shown in the table below.

Fourth, the misunderstanding of presbyopia

I wonder if you have noticed the following situation: Grandpa and grandma's reading glasses have not been changed for a long time. Although wearing a pair of reading glasses, but still can not see clearly. Use a magnifying glass as reading glasses to read books and newspapers. Reading glasses are only 20 yuan a pair on a street stall, while those in an optical shop are several times more expensive. Through the reading of the five misunderstandings of reading glasses below, I believe that the above problems can be easily solved. 1. People who are short-sighted will not have presbyopia. First of all, I would like to emphasize again that presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon. Everyone will have presbyopia when they reach a certain age. Myopic people are no exception. Yes, you need to take off your glasses to see clearly. 2. Magnifying glass replaces reading glasses The principle of magnifying glass and reading glasses is the same, both are convex lenses, but the degree of magnifying glass is very high, at least 1000 degrees or more, putting it in front of you is equivalent to wearing a reading glass with a high degree, long-term use will cause visual fatigue , the accommodation power declines faster, and the presbyopia degree will become very high. 3. Wear a pair of reading glasses to the end. After a long time, the lenses will be scratched, aged, light transmittance will decrease, and image quality will deteriorate, and the presbyopia degree will change with age. If you find that you can see near blurry , should be replaced in time. 4. Presbyopia will improve on its own. Presbyopia is irreversible. If the elderly find that their near vision has improved, they should be alert to whether there is cataract. Cataract is the clouding of the lens, which causes refractive changes after absorbing water, similar to myopia. , this change is just "to" the degree of presbyopia, making it possible to see near without reading glasses. 5. Just buy a pair of cheap reading glasses. The price of reading glasses varies, from a few 20 yuan cheaper to hundreds of expensive ones. The elderly are diligent and thrifty, and generally buy cheap ones to wear. At present, most of the reading glasses on the market are standard finished products, which are only suitable for people who have no refractive error and whose interpupillary distance is consistent with the optical center distance of the finished reading glasses. If it doesn't match, maybe it's okay to wear it at the time, but after a while, you will find dizziness and eye swelling. In this case, don't wear it. If you don't know the condition of your eyes, you'd better go to an optical shop or a hospital for a test. Although reading glasses are a bit more expensive, the quality is guaranteed.

V. Correction of presbyopia

1. The relationship between age and degree of presbyopia Age and degree of presbyopia have a certain regularity. For every 5 years of age, the degree of presbyopia increases by about 50 degrees. The same, cannot be copied. For example, although some people wear 200-degree glasses, they will experience dizziness and eye swelling. If they change to 150-degree glasses, the symptoms disappear, but they are not so clear. It is better to wear 150-degree glasses, because their adjustment ability is very weak. , the ability to adapt is not strong. According to the theory of four stages of presbyopia, the growth of presbyopia over the age of 60 will be relatively slow. If the presbyopia increases rapidly during this period, and it is difficult to obtain satisfaction after changing glasses frequently, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to check whether the cause of cataract, diabetes is caused by diseases. 2. Correction of presbyopia Presbyopia can be corrected by wearing single vision reading glasses, double vision reading glasses and progressive multifocal reading glasses. (1) Single vision glasses For people who have no refractive error or a refractive error of less than 400 degrees, reading glasses made of convex lenses can be used to correct them. For people with myopia of more than 400 degrees, a pair of myopia glasses with a lower degree is still required Correction. Single vision reading glasses (2) Bifocal glasses People who have refractive errors and presbyopia at the same time should wear two glasses, one for far vision and one for near vision, but this will be very inconvenient. Glasses came into being. It can see far and near at the same time, and does not need to be removed frequently, but it also has a big disadvantage, that is, the lens is not beautiful, and there is a clear dividing line. There is a jumping phenomenon when switching to close-up. The price is slightly more expensive than single vision glasses, but cheaper than progressive multifocal glasses. Bifocal reading glasses (3) Progressive multifocal glasses Progressive multifocal glasses overcome the shortcomings of bifocal glasses, and can see objects at long distance, medium distance and close distance at the same time, there is no image jump phenomenon, and there is no obvious dividing line between the lenses. However, progressive multifocal glasses are not perfect either. They are relatively difficult to design and process, expensive, have aberration zones around them, and have a relatively narrow field of view. It takes a while to get used to them. Progressive multifocal reading glasses Through the above reading, I believe you have a deep understanding of presbyopia. Go and see if your relatives have the above symptoms. If you have them, buy them a pair of reading glasses and solve them. See the near blurry question.

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