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Can I prevent myopia by exercising outdoors for 2 hours? The truth is not simple

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:15:52

Can I prevent myopia by exercising outdoors for 2 hours? The truth is not simple

When I often go to the doctor, I will carefully explain to some children and parents who come to check their eyes: "This child has started to run towards myopia. To prevent myopia, we must insist on outdoor exercise for at least two hours every day." Parents often look puzzled, why Can two hours of outdoor activities every day prevent myopia? Due to too many patients and time constraints, I cannot answer the concerns of parents in detail. Therefore, I prepared this article to explain in detail why children must exercise outdoors for two hours a day to prevent myopia? The main problems parents face when facing this problem are the same - now that the sun is outside, our children have fine skin and tender meat. How about a sunburn? ——We have to go to work during the day, can we exercise indoors and night for two hours? ——It's so chaotic outside, is it dangerous for children to exercise outdoors? ——Two hours a day is too much trouble, can you take the children to take them outdoors for 14 hours at a time on weekends? Let's review the questions first and insist on outdoor sports for at least two hours. Why should we emphasize the magical effects of outdoor activities? First of all, let's first understand why myopia occurs? At present, most children's myopia is caused by axial elongation of the eye axis. Myopia means that the eyeball becomes longer, the front-to-back axis is lengthened, and external objects are imaged in front of the retina, so seeing things will feel blurry. The two major factors that lead to juvenile myopia are genetic factors and environmental factors. That is to say, myopia is related to heredity, but it also depends on acquired eye use and living habits. The key to insisting on exercising outdoors for at least two hours is not the activity, but the outdoors 1. Outdoor light will be 100 to 1000 times stronger than indoors. Bright outdoor light can stimulate the release of dopamine from the retina, which can effectively reduce the growth of the eye axis, so that the eye lens and the The retina is always at the correct distance. 2. Compared with indoors, children have a wide field of vision and infinite distance when exercising outdoors, which can effectively adjust the ciliary muscles and relieve visual fatigue. 3. Outdoors, the eyeballs can receive more natural light and appropriate ultraviolet radiation, and the outdoor pupils become smaller to make the imaging clearer. This is an important reason to emphasize the outdoors. Indoor activities or night out activities have limited effect in preventing myopia because there is no direct natural light exposure. 4. Calcium is a very important substance for the eyes. Calcium deficiency can easily weaken the elasticity and surface tension of the eyeball wall. Using the eyes at close range or in the state of bowing the head is easy to elongate the eye axis and develop myopia. . Outdoors can promote the body to secrete more vitamin D. , Enhance children's calcium absorption. (Image source: Paid image) Tips Outdoors with bright eyes, the light intensity can reach more than 10,000, and even in cloudy days and shades, there are usually several thousand Lux ​​(light units). Parents who are afraid of their children getting sunburned, when the sun is too high, they can choose to play in the shade of a tree, or avoid the scorching sun at noon, and take their children out in the morning or evening. In addition, wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sun protection are also good measures. Remember not to be exposed to the sun in summer, and do not look directly at the sun, because strong sunlight stimulation will burn the retina and cause permanent damage to vision. Why 2 hours a day? Is it easier to concentrate on outdoor direct activities for 14 hours on weekends? The more time you spend outdoors, the lower your risk of developing myopia. An extra 76 minutes of outdoor activity a day can reduce the risk of myopia by 50%. Because of the existing basic outdoor time, the current consensus is to recommend at least 2 hours of outdoor activities every day to achieve the preventive effect. Using a German animal research model to simulate sunlight exposure, it is found that if the exposure time is divided into different time periods and performed multiple times, it is more effective in preventing myopia than if it is performed continuously. Therefore, the minimum amount of outdoor time of 14 hours per week should be evenly distributed to about 2 hours per day during the week, and the effect is the most ideal. Children do not like sports, can they go outside and not exercise? ⊙ For children, exercise can strengthen the body and enhance the functions of the internal organs. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the eyes are divided into five chakras, which correspond to the five internal organs. If the five internal organs are healthy, the eyes will be clear and clear, which can naturally achieve the effect of preventing myopia. ⊙ Exercise can improve children's immunity and improve children's allergies. Children with allergic constitution often suffer from allergic conjunctivitis repeatedly. Through outdoor exercise, not only can alleviate the recurrence of allergic conjunctivitis. ⊙ Outdoor sports, play, activities, etc. can reduce the time for children to use their eyes at close range. The outdoor field of vision is wide and the time for children to look far is increased, which is a very important measure to prevent the occurrence of myopia. ⊙ Outdoor exercise also enables children to strengthen their muscles, so that the function of the eye muscles can be exercised, especially the ciliary muscle adjustment function can be normalized, the relaxation and relaxation are powerful, and the eyes are less prone to myopia. End once again reminds parents that it is currently the most economical and efficient way to prevent myopia by allowing children to stick to outdoor activities for two hours a day, so be sure to pay attention. (Image source: both sources and the Internet, please inform and delete if there is any infringement)

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