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Myopia prevention and control guide in summer, ophthalmology experts share experience

Posting time:2023-01-28 04:42:43

Myopia prevention and control guide in summer, ophthalmology experts share experience

A few days ago, #my country's myopia population over the age of 5 will reach 700 million# went on Weibo hot search The National Health and Medical Commission recently released a set of survey data to show what is this concept? As long as your child is not short-sighted, he is the chosen one! The summer vacation is coming soon, the children can stay at home, play games and watch TV, but I want to remind you that before the summer vacation starts, you can give your children a big gift: take the children to a regular eye hospital to give them a comprehensive Check and build a vision profile for your child. You have to believe that your child's myopia can be prevented and controlled~

Daily Medication Guide

If your child is under 12 years old, if the diopter is less than 200 degrees after rapid pupil dilation, and the eye axis does not exceed 24mm, follow the The doctor ordered to use 1% atropine eye ointment and Stulum eye drops as follows: 1. 1% atropine eye ointment once a week, considering that some children go to bed late, you can choose to use it before going to bed on Friday night, After use, it will not affect short-range learning and reading. When applying atropine eye ointment, let the child sit (with the head back) or lie down, gently open the lower eyelid, let the child's eyeball look up, and apply the rice-grain-sized atropine eye ointment into the eye (note: do not apply overdose). Immediately after applying the eye drops, press the nose root of the inner corner of the eyes for 5-10 minutes to prevent the eye drops from entering the nasal cavity and oral cavity with the nasolacrimal duct, and the reaction will be milder. 2. Stulum eye drops are used during the day, 3 times a day, 1 drop each time. 1 bottle should not be used for more than 1 day. After instillation, close the dropper and the cover at 90° and keep it away from light.

Regular review

Review intraocular pressure, eye axis, refractive status and accommodation every two months after medication. After treatment, the refractive status (myopia) decreases, and the uncorrected visual acuity improves, according to the situation, switch to low-concentration atropine (such as: 0.05% or 0.01% atropine eye drops). The specific usage should follow the doctor's advice.

Training guide

Myopic children will increase the fatigue of the ciliary muscle when they look near for a long time, making the adjustment of the eyes unable to relax. Eyes are full of energy!

Precautions for drug use

Atropine is generally not harmful as a mydriatic drug because its effect is temporary and dilated pupils can be restored. The discomfort after mydriasis is mainly caused by the enlarged pupil, which is manifested as fear of light and unclear vision. Adverse reactions such as facial redness and increased intraocular pressure should be reviewed regularly. 1. When the light is particularly strong, it is recommended to wear sunglasses or a sun hat to properly block the light. 2. It is generally recommended not to read books, watch mobile phones, watch TV, etc. due to the difficulty in reading. (It needs to be explained here that it is not to say that seeing strong light or reading a book will cause damage to your eyes, but these conditions may make your eyes more uncomfortable. It is recommended to live a normal life within an acceptable range.) 3. Dispersion Due to blurred vision during the pupil period, care should be taken for children to avoid bruising. 4. Regularly check intraocular pressure to avoid increased intraocular pressure. 5. If serious adverse reactions such as allergic reactions occur after use, the drug needs to be discontinued immediately. 6. Persons who are contraindicated in the use of atropine cannot use it: such as those with severe heart disease and those with glaucoma or prostatic hypertrophy originally diagnosed, please declare your family members and use it with caution according to the doctor's advice. When there are fever, acute conjunctivitis and other diseases, the use of this product should be suspended.

Tips for loving eyes

1. Develop good reading and writing habits and posture; keep your head upright and your back straight, that is, your chest is one step away from the edge of the table Fist, eyes one foot away from the book, and fingers one inch away from the tip of the pen when holding the pen to write. You can follow and see the demonstration of sister Ju Ping's reading and writing posture, the ambassador for the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents! 2. Participate in more outdoor activities, 2 hours a day, more than 10 hours a week. 3. Eat a reasonable diet, and add enough calcium, phosphorus and vitamins, and eat less sweets. 4. Continuous use of the eyes at close range should not be too long. 20 minutes to see close, 20 seconds to see 6 meters away, and under the age of 7, try to minimize the use of mobile phone electronic screens. 5. Pay attention to the environment with your eyes, and do not read in a state of shock or shaking, such as riding a car or walking. 6. When using the eyes, the lighting should be as close to the natural light as possible, and there should be no shadows on the hands when writing. 7. Pay attention to getting enough sleep. Kindergartens sleep 10 hours a day, and primary school students sleep 9 hours a day. Summer vacation is the time when teenage myopia is most likely to decline, and it is also a critical period for improving vision and developing good eye habits. If there is a vision problem that has already occurred, you can also take advantage of the summer vacation to correct it in time. (The pictures in this article are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)

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