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Which myopia prevention and control measures are the most effective?

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:14:43

Which myopia prevention and control measures are the most effective?

The first two weeks were a flying trip. First I went to Suzhou to attend the National Ophthalmology Congress, and then I went to Japan to attend the International Myopia Congress. The harvest is full, and I will bring you some of the latest research progress on myopia control. Myopia has exploded all over the world. The global incidence of myopia has increased significantly. The trend of younger age of myopia is very obvious. The speed of myopia development is surpassing the level of human understanding of it. Ophthalmology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, recently published a survey on the rise in myopia and high myopia rates worldwide: the results show that by 2050, 4.76 billion people will have myopia (49.8% of the world's population). ); 938 million people suffer from high myopia (9.8% of the world population). That is, by 2050, more than 50% of the world's population will suffer from myopia. The prevention and control of myopia has become a problem that the whole world needs to focus on! Ranking of the effectiveness of the latest myopia prevention and control measures in the full-time outbreak of myopia: The progress report on myopia clinical research at the National Ophthalmology Conference in Suzhou mentioned that the order of myopia control from the most effective to basically effective is: 1. Outdoor increase Children's outdoor activity time is the most effective and economical measure in the prevention and control of myopia. Therefore, parents must pay attention to increasing their children's outdoor sports time. 2. Atropine is currently clinically proven at home and abroad that atropine has a very positive effect on delaying the progression of myopia. Most of the current use of low concentrations of atropine is used for myopia control. 3. Orthokeratology is a reversible non-surgical physical correction method. Long-term correct wear can effectively delay the extension of the child's eye axis. 4. Soft multifocal contact lens Multifocal soft contact lens is one of the contact lenses. It is ideal for patients with various degrees, and is mainly suitable for children with high myopia or who cannot wear orthokeratology lenses for various other reasons. 5. Frame glasses Frame glasses are the most conventional corrective measures. The most common type of frame glasses in clinical practice are monofocal lenses. However, which myopia prevention and control methods are most suitable for specific children, it is necessary to analyze the causes of myopia in children individually, and the combination of myopia control measures is better. Other knowledge points worthy of your attention: It is worth mentioning that children with myopia grow faster and myopia will increase. Big data shows that an increase of 1cm in height increases the eye axis of myopic children by 0.15mm, but normal children without myopia only increase the eye axis by 0.01mm. In addition, the conference also mentioned that changing the reading background may also be effective in controlling myopia. For example, when reading white words on black paper, parents can try to change the background (black) and font color (white) when their children use the electronic screen to reduce the visual fatigue caused by the white screen.

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