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Often itchy uncomfortable? If these 3 parts are itchy, it is recommended to take time to go to the hospital

Posting time:2022-12-03 05:50:17

Often itchy uncomfortable? If these 3 parts are itchy, it is recommended to take time to go to the hospital

Frequent pruritus has many types of diseases, so the type of disease can be preliminarily judged according to physical manifestations after the disease. Some health problems can cause pain, such as cervical spondylosis, high blood pressure, liver disease, malignant tumors, and some diseases make certain parts of the body itchy, including allergies and eczema. It is necessary to understand the disease status according to the symptoms and follow-up symptomatic treatment. So, which parts of the body are often itchy and need to be alert to serious problems?

1. Anal pruritus

Some diseases may experience itching repeatedly during the development process. getting more serious. Among them, itching around the anus is obvious, which may be local skin lesions. Among them, perianal eczema and hemorrhoids will have this phenomenon in the development. There are many types of hemorrhoids, including internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and mixed hemorrhoids. Without treatment and timely control of the condition, there will be secretions, which will make the environment around the anus worse, often in a moist state, and the skin will be repeatedly irritated, usually itching Feeling, the follow-up is also easy to cause perianal eczema. At this time, it is necessary to improve as soon as possible through timely medication and attention to local cleaning.

2. Itchy feet

I found that my feet were itchy for no reason. In addition to suspecting a common bacterial infection, it may also be the development of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases. Most people only know that patients with the development of the disease will have symptoms such as numbness in the limbs, dry mouth, weight loss, and nocturia, but they do not know that itchy feet are related to the disease. In fact, people's feet are the target organs of diabetes. If the condition is serious, the blood sugar is not stably controlled, and the feet will continue to be damaged. In the state of high sugar, the skin is easily infected, and subsequent lesions are caused. In addition to local special ulcers, the wound is difficult to heal, and there will be repeated symptoms such as itching and numbness. If you can understand the disease situation and then take symptomatic medicine, and control the disease through the use of hypoglycemic drugs, insulin injection, foot care, cleaning, etc., the impact can be reduced.

3. Itching in the nasal cavity

Some people have repeated itching in the nasal cavity, feel very uncomfortable, and even have symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, dizziness, etc., which need to be suspected Allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal cavity caused by allergic factors. In the process of development, it is exposed to allergens, or the disease is easy to repeat in autumn and winter. Under its influence, the symptoms are varied. As one of the intractable diseases, it may bring complications if not treated symptomatically. Many people also have conjunctivitis and secretory otitis media, all because allergic rhinitis is not treated as soon as possible. Allergen exposure should be avoided after the disease is discovered, and medication should be actively controlled. From the above content, it can be found that inexplicable itching in some places should not be treated as a small problem. Most people feel itching and scratching for a while, or they can directly apply antipruritic drugs, but they do not know that some diseases are stubborn and there is no targeted treatment. It can get progressively worse, and sometimes mild symptoms can portend big trouble.

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