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Eating too much soy sauce is not only poisonous but also cancer? Check it out for the family

Posting time:2022-10-06 02:40:26

Eating too much soy sauce is not only poisonous but also cancer? Check it out for the family

In the process of cooking food, in order to give it a rich taste, seasonings are added, and there are many types of seasonings, among which chicken essence, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, oyster sauce, and pepper are all commonly used. Some people are relatively healthy, and feel that using too much of these seasonings is harmful to the human body, especially soy sauce, which will acquire harmful substances, cause poisoning, and even have the risk of cancer. You should learn about the effects and disadvantages of soy sauce. If it does cause harm, it is better to use less. Soy sauce will not cause harm to the body under the premise of reasonable use. Soy sauce is used as a seasoning made by various processes and fermentation of soybeans, which can enrich the food's fresh and sweet taste. If it can be used within the shelf life after opening, and at the same time keep the bottle mouth dry and hygienic, it will not breed bacteria and produce harmful substances. Some people are also afraid that soy sauce will cause cancer. According to the current research, no one directly causes malignant tumors because of soy sauce, so there is no need to worry about this problem. Is eating soy sauce harmful to the body? Some people ask whether eating soy sauce for a long time is harmful to the body? In fact, as long as it is based on the premise of using soy sauce correctly, it will not have negative effects. Among them, choose the soy sauce with quality assurance and brand safety, control the amount used every day, and use it fresh within the shelf life. If these points can be done well, in addition to enriching the taste of the food and appealing to the taste buds, it will not produce Harmful ingredients threaten health. The reason why many people are afraid that soy sauce will cause cancer and produce harmful ingredients is mainly due to misunderstanding. I feel that soy sauce contains nitrosamines, and ingestion will accelerate the production of cancer cells. The amount of nitrosamines in soy sauce is very small, and it is not difficult to synthesize carcinogenic nitrosamines under acidic conditions. In addition, some soy sauces are added with caramel color, and the amount added is very small. Normal use will not threaten health. Therefore, regarding the safety hazards of these seasonings, the use methods should be clearly understood before they can be used with confidence. Which seasonings should not be used too much? Most of the seasonings are used in the process of cooking food in daily life. There are many types of seasonings, and some seasonings should not be eaten too much, such as peppers. For those who like to eat spicy flavors, peppers are often added during the cooking process. Although peppers contain capsaicin and vitamins, eating too much is easy to get angry and irritating. If the function of the stomach has been reduced, there are mouth ulcers and sore throat, it is better to use less of this seasoning, and try to keep the taste of the food as light as possible. In addition, the daily intake of sodium should be controlled. Healthy people should not exceed 6 grams. If there is development of kidney disease and blood pressure is unstable, it should be less than 5 grams. Otherwise, excessive sodium ion concentration will cause health problems.

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