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Black stool after eating animal blood, is the lungs detoxifying? Don't be fooled again, be alert to 2 abnormal

Posting time:2022-10-06 00:44:59

Black stool after eating animal blood, is the lungs detoxifying? Don't be fooled again, be alert to 2 abnormal

Common animal blood includes duck blood, chicken blood, pig blood, etc. Some people usually eat these animal blood properly, which can provide rich nutrition, especially those who have iron deficiency anemia threatening their health, the iron they need. Insufficient intake of elements can lead to anemia, resulting in various adverse symptoms. If you can adjust the diet correctly and eat some animal blood appropriately, it will improve. But some people's stools turn black after ingesting animal blood. What's the matter? Many people have changed the color of their feces after eating animal blood and observed them during the defecation process, so they are very worried and feel that the dark color of the feces is likely to be a physical problem. In fact, it is normal for the feces to turn black after eating animal blood. It is not a problem with the body, nor is it that the lungs are detoxifying. Because pig blood enters the digestive system for digestion and absorbs nutrients after ingestion, the metabolic waste produced will be excreted through defecation and will not enter the lungs, so it has nothing to do with lung detoxification. In addition, animal blood is rich in iron. During the digestion process, the influence of these iron elements will change the color of the feces. As long as the intake is stopped, the color will return to normal. What situations need to be vigilant about?

1. Abdominal pain and abnormal digestion

If you have black stools and other symptoms at the same time, you should be alert. If you do not eat animal blood or other iron-rich foods, there may be problems with your body, especially gastrointestinal bleeding. During the onset of the disease, the loss of blood is mixed with feces. Usually, the normal yellow-brown feces will turn black and iron. content increases. Most people will also be accompanied by abdominal pain, abnormal digestion and other conditions. If other symptoms strike at the same time, a comprehensive judgment should be made. Gastrointestinal bleeding should not be ignored, and the amount of bleeding will threaten the life safety of patients.

2. Changes in defecation habits

If the defecation habits are changed and the stool turns black, it may be the development of a more serious disease, among which the malignant tumor of the digestive tract invades the patient's Regular bowel movements can not be maintained, sometimes constipation for a long time, sometimes diarrhea several times a day. Normal people have regular bowel movements. They go to the toilet once or twice a day, and the excretion is long strips, yellowish-brown, and does not change in special shape or color. However, if the regular bowel movements can no longer be maintained, and you always have black stools, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to prevent the development of certain malignant tumors. From the above content, it can be known that black stool after eating animal blood is actually normal. Because the iron content of animal blood is rich, it can be used to improve iron deficiency anemia, and it is the reason of high iron content that makes stool The color changes, as long as you stop eating animal blood and the color of the feces returns to normal, there is no need to worry. Of course, if there are other special manifestations of defecation, and other symptoms of the digestive system are obvious, the cause should be checked as soon as possible.

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