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Women with a bad uterus will have these 4 "weird signs", I hope you don't encounter them

Posting time:2022-10-06 00:26:18

Women with a bad uterus will have these 4 "weird signs", I hope you don't encounter them

There are many types of lesions in the uterus, and the more common ones are uterine fibroids, endometritis, and cervical cancer. No matter what kind of situation occurs, it will cause harm. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the specific signs of a bad uterus and health problems. If you have it yourself, be vigilant, and then determine the cause and type of disease through follow-up examinations, and then scientific treatment can be improved as soon as possible. . Of course, those who do not have the disease should also avoid uterine disease through good habits.

1. Abdominal pain

Many people will have abdominal pain in the process of uterine disease and function decline. Inexplicable pain in the abdomen, in addition to suspected digestive system diseases, women who have this situation should be alert to gynecological lesions. Sometimes the disease in the ovary and uterus is developing. If there is a local tumor, it will increase in size over time, and it will continue to develop. It is easy to cause abdominal pain and needs to be distinguished from other diseases.

2. Special bleeding

There are special bleeding manifestations, not in the menstrual period, but the vagina still bleeds, or the menstrual blood volume increases during the menstrual period, and the menstrual period is prolonged , which cannot be ignored. The special bleeding of the body may be the development of gynecological diseases, among which the lesions that occur in the uterus will have this phenomenon, including cancerous changes in the uterus, uterine fibroids, and the development of these diseases will lead to vaginal bleeding in women. Once the amount of bleeding is large, it will also lead to anemia, and the cause needs to be identified and treated as soon as possible.

3. Abnormal leucorrhea

Under normal circumstances, women will secrete leucorrhea, but the amount of leucorrhea is not much, and it is transparent and egg white-like. However, if uterine disease is developing, many patients will find that their leucorrhea secretion increases significantly during the development of the disease, and even changes in color and produces unpleasant odors. Once there is abnormal leucorrhea, it is necessary to suspect gynecological problems, among which the lesions of the uterus have this phenomenon. Injuries can be reduced if early detection and treatment can be initiated.

4. Mass in the abdomen

The uterus is developing disease, and many women also have mass in the abdomen. A healthy person will not have a mass inexplicably when they touch the abdomen, but if the mass becomes more and more obvious when touching, and there is even a tendency for the tactile area to increase, it is likely to be an internal lesion. Certain tumors, cysts, develop in the uterus and usually grow in size over time and the mass is relatively obvious. How to stay away from uterine disease? If you want to effectively stay away from uterine diseases, you should usually develop good living habits, such as paying attention to personal hygiene, having a reasonable and appropriate sex life, and insisting on exercising. These three things can be done well and have a protective effect on the uterus and other organs. Paying attention to hygiene can reduce the risk of bacterial growth invading the body and causing inflammation and infection. The law of sexual life is conducive to endocrine regulation and enhances female resistance. In addition to activating immune cell function and improving cardiopulmonary capacity, regular physical exercise is also conducive to systemic circulation and normal metabolism.

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