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Feeling numb in the hands in the morning may be a "precursor" of the disease, do 2 points to prevent

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Feeling numb in the hands in the morning may be a "precursor" of the disease, do 2 points to prevent

Most people wake up full of sleep, so they are in a good state of mind and don't feel anything wrong with their bodies. But some people have health problems and feel uncomfortable in certain parts after getting up. If it is identified as a disease signal, it should be treated as soon as possible. Of course, it is necessary to prevent and improve through various aspects of adjustment, otherwise the disease will repeat or even become more serious. So, what adverse reactions should you be alert to health problems after getting up? The blood circulation is kept good, and the relaxed state of the limbs is not a problem. However, some people feel inexplicably numb in their hands after getting up, and there is always this phenomenon that needs to be suspected of disease. Numbness in both hands indicates that there are many types of diseases, among which cervical spondylosis, hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia may all have this phenomenon. During the development of cervical spondylosis, the function of the cervical spine declines, and the local area is compressed, which will indirectly affect the circulation of other parts of the body, and the blood cannot be supplied to the end of the limb in time, resulting in local numbness. For those with chronic diseases, the indicators are not stably controlled, which will accelerate the vascular disease, and the blood circulation cannot be maintained normally, so the numbness of the hands is characteristic. How to prevent disease?

1. Insist on exercising

In order to stay away from disease, keep relaxed, and prevent numbness in both hands, the correct way is to usually do more Move your body and make sure you get enough exercise. Whether it is cervical spondylosis, hypertension, diabetes or hyperlipidemia, it can be effectively prevented through proper exercise. In the process of exercising, the calorie consumption is fast, which can control the weight and keep away from obesity. The blood vessels can be expanded, the blood flow is fast, and the carbohydrates are consumed in time, and these indicators can return to stability. Without chronic diseases, blood vessels can remain elastic and smooth. In the process of exercising, you can drive multiple parts to move, and you can also move your shoulders and neck more virtually, so that the degeneration of the cervical spine becomes slower. Otherwise, the pressure on the cervical spine will be high for a long time, and the same posture will always be maintained, which will cause cervical spondylosis to invade.

2. Proper diet

To prevent disease, you can find the right way, and the diet should not be sloppy. Many people's multiple indicators are unstable because of improper diet, overeating for a long time, and excessive intake of high-calorie foods. Among them, high-sugar, cholesterol-rich, and fat foods are obtained in large quantities, which will affect blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar. Changes, the subsequent development of chronic diseases, treatment is difficult, will bring a variety of complications, many patients will feel numbness in the limbs when the disease is serious. Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from high-calorie foods and supplement with vitamins, proteins, and unsaturated fatty acids to adjust. To protect the cervical spine and promote bone health throughout the body, you should provide enough vitamin D, calcium, etc., otherwise calcium will continue to lose as you age, and calcium deficiency will cause bone health problems.

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