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The cost is only a few cents! Police seize 1.7 million "fake Viagra" tablets, some of which have flowed across the country

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:31:51

The cost is only a few cents! Police seize 1.7 million "fake Viagra" tablets, some of which have flowed across the country

A capsule with unknown ingredients was randomly packed into various packaging boxes with exaggerated propaganda, and turned into various aphrodisiacs such as "Cordyceps Viagra", "Black King Kong" and "Shenbao Pian". Recently, Zigong High-tech in Sichuan Province The police announced that they had cracked a series of sales of counterfeit medicines, arrested more than 20 suspects, and seized more than 1.7 million "fake Viagra" tablets, involving more than 21 million yuan. Fake medicines are filled at will without quality standards and are mainly sold to the elderly. After investigation, more than 10 suspected counterfeit medicines and semi-finished products such as "Cordyceps Viagra", "Black King Kong" and "Shenbao Pian" were inspected. That non-ingredient, "fake Viagra" are "three no products" without the name of the manufacturer, the address of the manufacturer, and the code of the production hygiene license. The drugs involved in the case have no national drug standards and no approved drug quality standards. Different from genuine medicines, counterfeit medicines are mixed with a lot of flour. The criminals pour a certain proportion of flour and chemical raw materials into the basin, stir well with a stick, and then use a funnel-like object to put the so-called "" powder" into the capsule, and then wipe the capsule clean with a rag. Due to the lack of accurate measurement tools, the active ingredients contained in these fake Viagra are different, so there is uncertainty about the harm to the human body. life. Moreover, the cost of fake Viagra is very low. The cost of each capsule is only a few cents, at most no more than one yuan. After layer-by-layer circulation, the price can be as high as tens of yuan in street shops, micro-businesses and the Internet. Even hundreds of yuan, the price is dozens or even hundreds of times. The sale of "fake Viagra" is very informal. It is generally sold on the Internet, micro-businesses, village fairs and small sex shops on street corners. It is mainly aimed at the elderly and rural migrant workers. These groups have low self-prevention awareness and are extremely vulnerable to fake Viagra. drug damage. When buying andrology medicines, it is necessary to look for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction (Yang W) certified by regular channels as PDE5 inhibitors, and specific representative drugs such as Jingo Sildenafil small powder tablets. Jin Ge Sildenafil Powder Tablets are prescription drugs, which need to be purchased from hospitals, pharmacies and online pharmacies with drug sales licenses. Any street sex shops, micro-businesses, etc., are not qualified to sell these drugs. Studies have found that sildenafil powder can promote the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum, thereby increasing arterial blood flow, making the cavernous sinus of the penis hyperemia and swelling, thereby improving erection. Most people take sildenafil tablets to take effect within 30 minutes, more than 1/3 of people can take effect within 14 minutes, the effect reaches the peak in 1 hour, and the effective time can be maintained for at least 4 hours, so It is recommended to take it 1 hour before sex. In addition, it is also very important to keep taking it. Many male friends may not be satisfied with the effect when they use it for the first time due to high expectations and insufficient communication between husband and wife, but don’t be discouraged. After taking it and accumulating experience, the satisfaction will gradually increase, and the cooperation of the partner is also very important. In the end, the editor still wants to persuade you to keep your eyes open and buy medicines from regular channels, such as hospitals, pharmacies or approved large online pharmacies. In other places, you must be cautious and cautious. sick medicine

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