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wake up! Some cancers may be "saved", 5 frugal behaviors are not advisable

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:23:23

wake up! Some cancers may be "saved", 5 frugal behaviors are not advisable

Everyone's living habits are different, and the impact on the body is different, but if you make mistakes often, it will gradually cause harm to the body, and eventually diseases will appear, especially in this era of cancer, more and more People are targeted by cancer, what is the reason to understand, but don't let cancer come to your door because of some saving habits. So, which saving behaviors are not good and need to be changed as soon as possible?

1. Always eat overnight dishes

Always eating overnight dishes is the behavior of many people who feel that food cannot be wasted, and the next day Continuing to heat and eat will not have any effect. In fact, it is necessary to judge whether the food can be overnight based on its shelf life. Of course, whether it will produce harmful substances if it is stored for a long time will also affect whether these foods can be eaten the next day. Some people don’t pay attention to this problem. They repeatedly freeze and keep the leftovers for freshness, and then reheat and ingest them. In addition to increasing the burden on the digestive system, they may also produce carcinogens and increase the incidence of cancer.

2. I am reluctant to use a range hood

I am reluctant to use a range hood in the process of cooking food. Waste of electricity, in fact, this is the wrong idea. During the cooking process, the fumes are very large, and if they exist in this environment for a long time, harmful substances will be inhaled, which will cause damage to the lungs. If the range hood is not used with the doors and windows closed, harmful substances will continue to accumulate in the lungs, which will subsequently reduce lung function and affect the health of the respiratory system. Some people have a high prevalence of lung cancer, which is related to this behavior. For the sake of health, it is also necessary to use the range hood correctly.

3. The edible oil in Kaifeng is reluctant to use

There are various edible oils, including olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, and different edible oils have different effects. However, most of them need to be used in the process of cooking food. Once the edible oil is opened, it should be used as soon as possible within the shelf life, preferably no more than three months. Some people do not pay attention to this problem and are reluctant to use these edible oils. The opening time is very long, the storage conditions are not good, and they are still used even after the shelf life. However, they do not know that the opened edible oil is easily oxidized and contaminated by aflatoxin, which is part of the Causes of human cancer invasion.

4. Continuing to use wooden chopsticks due to mold.

The wooden chopsticks that have been used for a long time at home are reluctant to throw away and replace, which will become the fuse of the disease. In order to maintain health, it is necessary to replace wooden chopsticks regularly, because wooden chopsticks are different from iron chopsticks and plastic chopsticks, and the particularity of the material makes them easy to mold in a wet state. The chopsticks, as a tool for holding food, will come into contact with the food during the eating process. Once there are black spots and spots on the chopsticks, it means that it is moldy. Poor storage conditions for a long time will cause aflatoxin to be produced, and subsequent contaminated food will be acquired by the human body, which will induce some malignant tumors, and it is necessary to develop a good habit of regular replacement.

5. Unwilling to have regular physical examinations

Some people feel that examinations are a waste of money and unnecessary, and there are natural signs of diseases, which is a wrong concept. Some diseases are very hidden, and the early signals are not obvious. When there are various symptoms, most of the diseases are already serious, and it is very difficult to save them. Therefore, they cannot bear to spend money for examinations. After reaching the age of 50, it is necessary to have regular physical examinations. Through the examination results, we can understand the health status. Some diseases can be detected and treated early, thereby reducing the harm caused by the disease.

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