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"Auntie" just left, these three things are really urgent, and you have to endure it more

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:17:13

"Auntie" just left, these three things are really urgent, and you have to endure it more

Women who have vaginal menstrual bleeding during their menstrual period should not only keep the local area clean and hygienic, replace sanitary napkins in time, but also understand the points to pay attention to after menstruation ends. If you are in a hurry to do something that happens to have an effect on your body, you may get sick after you make a mistake. Need to pay attention to maintenance, be cautious during the physiological period. So, just after menstruation, what things can't be done in a hurry?

1. Rush to have sex

You can’t have sex just after menstruation is over, except that you don’t want to have sex during your menstrual period. Also avoid it and choose other times to be safe. Because the cervix of women during the menstrual period is open, the risk of bacterial invasion is high, and just after the end of menstruation, some women still have a small amount of menstrual blood flow out, and there is the possibility of bacterial growth. If you are in a hurry to have sex at this time and cross-infection during the process of intercourse, bacteria may invade, and women will be infected when their resistance is weak, which is likely to cause gynecological health problems, and special time periods need to be avoided.

2. Exercising in a hurry

Women should not rush to exercise just after menstruation. Although exercise can enhance resistance and improve organ function, you must also pay attention to details , to exercise at the right time, the benefits can be harvested. And some people go to exercise regardless of the time. Among them, exercising immediately after eating a full meal, and exercising vigorously before going to bed will have an impact. In addition, if the body feels uncomfortable during the menstrual period, you should rest properly and do not overwork yourself. And just after menstruation is over, many sports can not be carried out. If swimming is too rushed, it may allow bacteria to invade when the cervix is ​​open. The water in the swimming pool is difficult to ensure that it is completely clean and hygienic, so exercise should also be appropriate.

3. Eating in a hurry

In order to protect the uterus and improve women's dysmenorrhea, they should eat carefully as soon as the menstrual period is over, but do not get food at will. Some people will strictly control their diet during their menstrual period, and choose mild, light and high nutritional value foods to provide various ingredients, but they find that menstruation is about to leave, so they do not keep their mouths shut and eat a lot of cold and cold foods. , irritating, greasy food is also obtained in large quantities, but at this time indulge oneself to eat indiscriminately, the disease may invade. Especially those foods that are cold in nature can easily lead to poor spleen and stomach functions and uterine deficiency, so that the next menstrual blood stasis, circulation cannot be maintained well, and dysmenorrhea may be aggravated. To sum up, in addition to maintaining good habits during the menstrual period, women should not rush to do the above things when menstruation is about to leave. Only by taking good care of it, doing the right things at the right time, and getting better and better physical conditions, and without external adverse factors threatening health, can diseases be detoured.

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