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Women still want to "do errands" during menstruation? At this time, advise people around you not to be impulsive

Posting time:2022-10-06 03:16:55

Women still want to "do errands" during menstruation? At this time, advise people around you not to be impulsive

The issues that women should pay attention to during their menstrual period cannot be ignored either. Because women's body is relatively weak during the menstrual period, vaginal menstrual flow is out, and they may feel tired if they do not supplement nutrition in time and take proper rest. Some people have dysmenorrhea, decreased appetite, and mood swings, which are all related to their menstrual period. If you can start with the details of life, maintain the best way of recuperating, and spend it naturally. So, can women have a married life during their menstrual period? For women with strong sexual desire, they will have sexual impulses and want to have sex during their menstrual period, but I don't know if intercourse has any effect in this state. In fact, in order to ensure health, women should avoid the menstrual period, and do not have intercourse during the menstrual period, otherwise vaginal menstrual blood will flow out, which will easily contaminate itself, breed bacteria, and cross-infect during the process of intercourse, which will increase the risk of gynecological diseases. disease rate. In addition, the body may have adverse reactions at this time, and the quality of sexual life will be greatly reduced when the burden is increased, and other suitable times should be selected. What else should we pay attention to during the menstrual period?

1. Don't swim

In addition to not engaging in married life during menstruation, women must also avoid swimming. Many people usually have the habit of swimming and will exercise through this sport. Indeed, swimming has a wide range of exercises, and almost all the muscles of the body are involved. If you want to improve lung capacity, enhance immunity, and burn fat at the same time, swimming is a good choice. However, it is difficult to ensure good sanitation conditions in public swimming pools. During the menstrual period, the cervix is ​​open. If you go to public places to swim, it will increase the risk of bacterial invasion and the possibility of suffering from gynecological diseases. You should avoid this time and choose another time to swim.

2. Pay attention to diet

Women should also pay attention to dietary issues during their menstrual period, choose the right food, eat properly, provide nutrients without a problem, and reduce stimulation at the same time. At this time, it is not advisable to eat cold, cold food. First, determine the nutritional composition and nature of the food, and then obtain it after the body adapts. Some people have weak spleen and stomach, and eating these foods will cause adverse reactions in the stomach and intestines, easy abdominal pain, diarrhea, and then affect the absorption of nutrients. Some women have repeated dysmenorrhea, which is actually a manifestation of uterine deficiency. At this time, cold foods should be kept away. If you don't know the correct way of eating, eating indiscriminately will make your body feel more uncomfortable.

3. Emotional regulation

If you want to pass the physiological period safely, you should regulate your emotions well in order to maintain a normal endocrine system. When the menstrual period has adverse reactions, many women will have negative emotions and lose their temper easily. The appearance of negative emotions stimulates the body, disrupts the endocrine system, reduces resistance, and even damages the liver. If you can divert your attention, do things you are interested in, and adjust your mentality, you will gain a lot of benefits and reduce your physical discomfort.

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