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There is a severe pain called "shingles". If you are over 50 years old, do these 2 points to help prevent

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There is a severe pain called "shingles". If you are over 50 years old, do these 2 points to help prevent

Shingles, also known as loincloth, has obvious neuropathic pain during the onset period, and the older you get, the more obvious this manifestation is. The reason why the disease invades is mainly due to varicella-zoster virus infection. People who are not immune to the virus may become sick after infection. Therefore, how to prevent and treat the disease should be understood in detail. And older people's body resistance becomes weaker, so be especially careful. Shingles Prevention Methods

1. Vaccination

To effectively prevent shingles, vaccination is a feasible method. By vaccinating the recombinant shingles vaccine, the body can produce antibodies to effectively fight the virus invasion. The vaccine requires two doses, administered two months apart. From the current data, the probability of vaccinating recombinant shingles vaccine to prevent the disease can reach more than 90%. It can be seen that as an effective preventive method, you can choose whether to vaccinate according to your own needs.

2. Improve resistance

To prevent herpes zoster, you should focus on improving your own resistance and activate immune cell function through good habits, because people with poor immunity After being infected with the virus, it is easy to get sick, and children will develop chickenpox when they are infected. The virus may also be latent in neurons for a long time, and the immunity will decline. When there is infection, cold, and overwork, the virus will invade the nerves and skin. In terms of nutritional support, we must do a good job in ensuring that the nutrients needed by the human body are fully obtained, work and rest regularly every day, go to bed early and get up early, and engage in exercise to ensure a certain amount of exercise. After these good habits are adhered to, the resistance will increase and the risk of infection will naturally be reduced. How to deal with shingles? Herpes zoster has developed, with a variety of clinical manifestations and possible complications. The treatment is mainly based on the use of drugs. Antiviral drugs and neuralgia drugs can be used to achieve good improvement effects. During the treatment period, you should consult your doctor about the specific drug usage and dosage. With the help of appropriate drugs, you can effectively fight the virus, relieve symptoms, and reduce physical discomfort. Of course, you must also focus on improving your immune system, so that your condition will get better quickly. It is worth noting that some people have severe disease and severe pain that cannot be controlled by ordinary medication. Direct and effective sensory nerve block therapy can be considered. The treatment is from shallow to deep, from simple to complex. In addition, nerve damage can also be used to improve the condition, thereby relieving neuropathic pain. It can be seen that the effects of shingles are varied. For some people, bacterial infection, neuralgia after disease treatment, and even other inflammations are caused by improper response to the disease or the serious impact of the disease itself. The damage to the body can only be reduced if it can be properly prevented and treated.

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