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Eye drops like this are useless

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:38:56

Eye drops like this are useless

Correct steps to use eye drops ① Before use, make sure that the medicine is within the shelf life, and then check if there is any discoloration, odor, turbidity, etc. If the preparation itself is cloudy, shake it gently before use to ensure a consistent concentration of the liquid. ②After preparing the potion, wash your hands before use to avoid bacterial infection during use. ③ Lean your head back as far as possible or lie flat, and be careful not to touch the eyeball. The conjunctival sac can only hold 20 microliters of the medicinal solution, so 1 drop at a time is enough. ④ Close your eyes for at least 5 minutes after applying the eye drops, which is more conducive to the absorption of the drops. The three major misunderstandings of using eye drops are that you can continue to use the eye drops before the expiration date. After the eye drops are opened, the liquid will volatilize, and the concentration of the drug will change accordingly, and there is the possibility of breeding bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, once opened, it is recommended to use up within one month. In addition, preservative-free eye drops are generally single-use devices that are used up the day they are opened. Do not use eye drops between family members to avoid cross infection. As long as the eyes are uncomfortable, use the drops frequently, be careful to backfire. Any type of eye drops should be used according to the prescribed frequency and treatment time. Excessive use may destroy the physiological barrier and defense function of tears, but the more drops, the more uncomfortable it is. Buy eye drops only look at the brand Some people buy eye drops, just look at the brand and advertisements. As everyone knows, whether eye drops can cure diseases depends on the packaging approval. When purchasing, you should try to choose eye drops of the "medicine" size. The so-called "medicine" brand name refers to the drugs approved by the Chinese medicine. There are also "Jian" brand names on the market, which are health care products; "Xiao" brand names, which are disinfection products.

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