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Eating a late-night snack before going to bed, or sleeping with an empty stomach, which one is more harmful? The answer is actually quite simple

Posting time:2023-01-31 13:02:31

Eating a late-night snack before going to bed, or sleeping with an empty stomach, which one is more harmful? The answer is actually quite simple

Everyone's lifestyle is different to some extent, but it should be clear which one is most helpful to health. Only by actively fighting aging, protecting major organs and improving resistance can we stay away from diseases and prolong life. Many people habitually eat late-night snacks before going to bed, and some people go to bed hungry. Which of these two situations is more harmful? Learn more below. Many people habitually go to bed late and feel hungry before going to bed, which will be relieved by eating midnight snacks, and going to bed soon after ingesting food, the stomach will feel full, and the quality of sleep in the process of busy digestion will decrease. In addition, the increased digestive pressure in the stomach is not conducive to the improvement of gastrointestinal function, and it may also gradually gain weight due to the extra intake of this part of energy before going to bed. Insufficient exercise to consume calories has an impact on the control of many indicators, and may cause fluctuations in blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids, which may lead to the risk of disease. There are also some people who go to bed hungry. In fact, they have a normal dinner to provide enough energy and nutrition. Even if they feel hungry before going to bed, not eating food will not have any effect. But many people have this situation. The reason is that they go to sleep very late, and it takes too long to eat dinner. The food is basically digested, and the stomach will be hungry when there is no content in the stomach. In this state, it depends on the time of eating. Determine if energy can be replenished. If it has been more than four or five hours, you can eat something light before going to bed to relieve hunger, in order to keep relaxed and improve sleep quality. If the time until dinner is short, there is no need to eat, and there is no detailed data to explain which of these two behaviors is more harmful, but eat a lot of extra late-night snacks before going to bed, or go on an empty stomach. Sleep has an impact on your health. It is not advisable to consume too much food before going to bed, nor to be hungry for a long time. The most correct way is to fall asleep as soon as possible. If you have obvious hunger before going to bed, you can drink some light porridge or drink milk to relieve it. What behavior is not advisable before going to bed? Behavior before going to bed is linked to health, and many lifestyles are not recommended, such as smoking and drinking before going to bed. Those who are addicted to smoking and alcohol have a hard time quitting in a short period of time. If they still smoke and drink before going to bed, the acquisition of harmful substances will cause harm to the body. In addition to increasing the burden on organs, it will also reduce resistance and accelerate Vascular lesions are the trigger for many serious diseases. In addition, habitually playing mobile phones before going to bed, using mobile phones to chat, read various information, and play games, will waste a lot of time unconsciously, thereby reducing the quality of sleep and affecting the normal biological clock. In addition, you should stabilize your emotions before going to bed, and don't be anxious all day because of the heavy work or difficult problems you encounter during the day, otherwise you will continue to suffer from insomnia and affect your health.

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