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These 4 kinds of abnormalities appear in the body, heart failure has "come", please don't ignore

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:35:40

These 4 kinds of abnormalities appear in the body, heart failure has "come", please don't ignore

Heart failure refers to the disturbance of the systolic and diastolic functions of the heart, resulting in abnormal circulation and corresponding symptoms. Although heart failure is not an independent disease, it reflects the reduced function of this organ, and we should pay attention to and find out the cause and treat it as soon as possible. And almost all cardiovascular diseases can lead to heart failure, which should not be underestimated.

1. Difficulty breathing

Heart failure occurs many signals in the body. Due to myocardial damage or increased cardiac pressure, patients mainly The performance is poor breathing. To keep the body healthy, the cardiopulmonary function is good, the breathing process is smooth, oxygen can be obtained in time, and carbon dioxide can be exhaled. However, after the occurrence of heart failure, the first manifestation is pulmonary circulation congestion, the lung function is affected, the breathing process is not smooth, and the body will be hypoxic when the oxygen supply is insufficient, showing obvious dyspnea. In this case, it is necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible to prevent the disease from getting worse.

2. Fatigue

Under the threat of heart failure, many patients experience fatigue. A good mental state is a sign of adequate nutrition and adequate sleep, and of course internal organs are functioning properly. However, if the heart failure continues to develop, the heart function gradually declines, the power is insufficient, the body circulation cannot be maintained well, and the major functions begin to decline, so it will show fatigue. Once the inexplicable mental state deteriorates, it is necessary to check as soon as possible to determine whether there is a health problem with the heart.

3. Weakened exercise endurance

People who take proper care of their bodies will have a healthy heart, and naturally ensure adequate blood supply to other parts, and they will experience smoother exercise during exercise. Possess certain exercise endurance. However, under the threat of heart failure, many patients will have obvious weakened exercise tolerance, followed by changes in heart rate, which will increase by about 20 beats per minute, and then have exertional dyspnea. Panting, fatigue is obvious, and even if you stop exercising and resting, you are still wheezing, and heart failure should be suspected.

4. Irritability

Severe heart rhythm failure can cause acute pulmonary edema, and many patients will experience restlessness under the threat of the disease, accompanied by restlessness with fear. Because pulmonary edema threatens to reduce lung function and the breathing process is not smooth, in addition to the symptoms of dyspnea, many patients will continue to wheeze, accompanied by the characteristics of rapid heart rate. There are also many people with abnormal metabolism and changes in blood pressure, so they have the characteristics of irritability. If you find this situation, you should be alert to internal organ lesions, and treat them as soon as you notice signs. To sum up, heart failure is the result of heart health problems. Should it be treated as soon as possible after the signal is sent, otherwise many adverse consequences will be unbearable.

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