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Plano Eyes | If you want to protect your child's vision health, start with developing good living habits

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:05:24

Plano Eyes | If you want to protect your child's vision health, start with developing good living habits

Recently, I received a confusion from a netizen: "My boy is 7 years old, and he is at the age that dogs hate, and I don't know when he developed a bad habit. When he gets home, he just lies on the sofa and eats snacks and watches. Pad, playing for hours..." I believe that many parents have the same troubles. As their children grow up, they are accompanied by many bad habits, but they don't know how to correct them. Scientific research has shown that 0-4 years old is a sensitive period for the occurrence and development of individual sense of order. Children aged 5-6 years have a high degree of plasticity in their brain neural activity, which is easy to accept external stimuli and leave a deep impression in the brain. Children's development is very fast, so parents and mothers should seize the critical period of children's development, educate children correctly, and help children develop correct habits. If a child develops the habit of using eyes correctly from an early age, follows the 20-20-20 scientific eye protection rule, uses electronic devices correctly, has self-discipline and inner drive, and understands self-control awareness, then these good characters will make They are always healthy physically and mentally, providing favorable conditions for their future growth. Therefore, if you want to cultivate children's eye care habits and develop healthy habits, you can start from daily behavior. Eating habits are the foundation of a healthy life. In the process of children growing up, it is a difficult problem for parents to let their children develop good eating habits. Some children have their own preferences in the face of food types, and insist on eating according to their own preferences, which is what we call a partial eclipse. A partial eclipse can lead to unbalanced nutrition in children and cause a variety of chronic diseases. Among them, myopia has become a major public health problem affecting the eye health of Chinese citizens, especially children and adolescents. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to their children's diet, and they must resolutely change their common bad eating habits represented by partial eclipses and sweets, so that children's eyesight and body can be synchronized and healthy. Working and resting habits are the foundation of a lifetime of health. Childhood is a critical period for children's physical and visual development. Adequate sleep is very important for children. Children's nervous system is immature and prone to fatigue. If there is insufficient sleep, the tired nerve cells cannot rest well, and the energy will not be replenished, which will cause the nervous system, especially the autonomic nervous system, to function disorder, thereby affecting the local sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of the eyes. , leading to the accommodation function of the ciliary muscle and myopia, thereby changing the growth rate of the eye axis, resulting in abnormal growth of the eyeball and refractive errors. In addition, staying up late may also cause abnormal tear lubrication on the surface of the eyes. If the eyes are dry for a long time, it will affect vision. Exercise habits are the guarantee of a lifetime of health. In some families, cultivating children's exercise habits seems to be a "blind spot" in education. Some parents think that the child's learning is the most important, and the learning burden is already heavy enough, so how can time be wasted on sports. Other parents think it's fine if their children don't get sick, and there's no need to dedicate time to exercise. In fact, it is not. The most obvious thing about lack of exercise is definitely affecting physical health, and it will also have a negative impact on the growth and development of children and adolescents. For example, obesity can cause precocious puberty, high blood lipids, diabetes, etc., and even cause vision problems. Because participating in outdoor sports allows children to contact, it can make children's pupils shrink, increase the focus of the eyes, and see things more clearly, thereby preventing myopia. When the childhood is over, good exercise habits can help a person stay fit, feel happy, and have a positive and optimistic attitude. What can parents do? 1. Patiently guide to tell children why, let them understand the benefits of cultivating these habits. When children encounter problems in the process of cultivating habits, parents should guide them patiently. Don't expect success once, but be patient many times. 2. Co-participation When formulating habits, parents should take their children to participate in it. Do not let the children do this or that in an imperative tone, but listen to and encourage the children's inner thoughts, which will make the children feel respect and equality, and also Help children to actively implement their goals later on. 3. Remind children in time that their self-discipline is not high, and they often fail to persevere or forget. Therefore, parents should remind them in time, urge and encourage their children to continue to complete tasks, so as to avoid forgetting or giving up in the middle. 4. Appropriate encouragement When children do well, and when they continue to complete, they must be praised in time to let them know that their efforts are not in vain, which can enhance their self-confidence and promote habit formation. 5. Adding interest It conforms to the child's nature and can add interest to the habitual task. For example, if a child achieves a goal, it can be exchanged for a reward or a parent can help fulfill a wish. It is easier for children to accept and stick with rewards. Combining the above points, the Plano Jingling App takes all aspects into consideration in cultivating children's habits. 1. Start with easy. Parents and children can choose goals that suit their own situation according to the task library in the app, and start with simplicity to help children develop tiny habits. 2. Progress visualization When setting tasks, children can choose a seed to plant, and let the seed grow through the child's punch card. In addition, the process of children's efforts to stick to punching cards will also be visualized in the process of seed growth. 3. Reminder function Adults lack self-discipline, let alone children? Therefore, the reminder function of the App is essential! Parents can choose a daily reminder time, and let their children persevere and complete their goals through the encouragement and encouragement of the App! 4. Incentive mode When children complete habitual tasks, they can obtain the energy for the growth of App objects and App reward props (eyeballs) to help children fulfill their wishes (bubble house). 5. Motivate inner-driven children to complete tasks offline every day. They can develop objects in the app and create their own "Eyes and Spirits Paradise". The interesting interactive design can not only give children a full sense of accomplishment, but also Stimulate your child's drive and motivation. The good habits of children need constant cultivation and careful care and attention by parents in their daily life. Seize the golden period of children's growth and guide them to develop correct habits, which will benefit children a lot in their future growth.

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