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Old smokers, listen to me: Try not to smoke these 4 kinds of cigarettes, they are too harmful

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:45:44

Old smokers, listen to me: Try not to smoke these 4 kinds of cigarettes, they are too harmful

Many people are addicted to smoking, and it is very difficult to successfully quit smoking in a short period of time. But for the sake of your own health, you need to understand how obvious the effects of smoking are in advance. If you can’t afford it, it’s better to quit smoking as soon as possible. In the process of quitting smoking, we must master the method, step by step, and divert attention, otherwise the success rate will be greatly reduced. In addition, those who have been unable to quit smoking are best not to smoke some cigarettes, otherwise the impact will be more obvious. Learn more below.

1. E-cigarettes

It is a well-known fact that smoking is harmful to health. Many diseases are related to smoking, but if It is impossible to quit smoking, and some cigarettes are kept away, such as electronic cigarettes. Many people do not use conventional cigarettes, but rely on e-cigarettes, feeling that e-cigarettes are safer, trendy, and new. In fact, e-cigarettes not only fail to reduce the production of harmful substances, but instead make many people fall into it. And continuous smoking will also obtain a variety of harmful substances that threaten health and should be avoided.

2. Low-cost generic cigarettes

There are many brands of cigarettes on the market, and the prices of different brands are different. But in order to save money, some people will not buy those more expensive cigarettes, but choose non-brand cigarettes. No-brand and not well-known, relatively cheap, but often these low-cost, unbranded cigarettes contain more harmful ingredients, often smoking this kind of cigarettes will cause harm to the body, and get tar, nicotine and other Harmful ingredients are more abundant. Under the same conditions, regular inhalation of brand-name cigarettes increases the risk of disease in the body.

3. Cigarettes damaged by moisture

Do not use damp cigarettes. Some people buy a lot of cigarettes at one time and put them at home, but the storage conditions are not good, and these cigarettes may be damp due to changes in environmental humidity. After being dampened for a long time, there is a risk of deterioration, and it may mold and produce other harmful components. Smoking itself is a behavior that threatens health. In addition, these tobaccos are damp. In addition to the smell change during smoking, they will also inhale richer harmful substances. Coupled with the various carcinogens contained in tobacco itself, health will be lost under the double influence.

4. Explosive Beads Cigarettes

Now there are various kinds of cigarettes. Some cigarettes add explosive beads in order to make them more attractive. As a representative of special cigarettes, Explosive Beads Cigarettes are used in In the process of smoking, the popping beads will crack and have a special fragrance. Some people choose popping bead cigarettes because of this feature, and the popping beads added in popping bead cigarettes contain liquid flavorings, and the impact of entering the human body after smoking is more obvious. Some people are dependent on this kind of fragrance, and may be unable to resist smoking multiple times a day, and the amount of smoking will be more, which will have an impact.

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