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Can a "sarcoma" growing on the skin become cancerous? Unsurprisingly, these three things

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:54:40

Can a "sarcoma" growing on the skin become cancerous? Unsurprisingly, these three things

People who pay close attention to changes in the body can often detect diseases earlier, and the skin is the largest organ in the human body, and many diseases will send an alarm through skin changes, especially inexplicable skin rashes, itching, or proliferating tissue should be caused. Pay attention to. It is observed that there are special small sarcomas in some parts, and it is necessary to understand the nature, origin, and development of certain diseases and cooperate with treatment as soon as possible. So, what is the cause of sarcoma on the skin?

1. Lipoma

I have observed a sarcoma on my skin and need to know its source. Some human sarcomas are actually lipomas. Lipomas are benign soft tissue tumors, and the causes are relatively complex. The incidence of middle-aged people is relatively high, and lipomas may appear in many parts of the body. These lipomas are small in size and grow. The speed is relatively slow, and the lipoma is found to be soft, elastic, and not painful when touched. But if it affects the appearance, it can be removed by treatment.

2. Flat warts

There are special sarcomas developing on the body, which may also be flat warts. Flat warts are skin diseases caused by low-level HPV infection. Patients may have flat warts on their arms and faces. The skin lesions are characteristic, similar in size to soybeans, round or oval, with a smooth surface and higher than normal skin. If the number suddenly increases and the distribution is widespread, it should be taken seriously. Although flat warts do not pose a threat to human health, they are contagious to a certain extent. If persistent HPV infection is not taken seriously, other health problems may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to respond as soon as possible after the discovery of flat warts, and to actively enhance the immunity.

3. Dermatofibroma

Sarcomas with fat distribution on the skin may be dermatofibroma. Dermatofibroma is relatively common, and it usually occurs on the extremities and can be found on the skin. The sarcomas are yellow-brown, dark-brown, and firm to the touch. As a benign tumor, certain viral infections and prolonged trauma may cause dermatofibroma. However, if there are no other symptoms, the number of fibroids is small, and there is no tendency to continue to develop, conservative treatment can be done. If more and more, the volume increases, it should be improved with symptomatic treatment. Is there a cancer risk for sarcoma? Whether the sarcoma on the skin will be cancerous and affect the health of the body should also be judged according to its nature and type. If it is an ordinary skin problem, as long as it is treated and cared for properly, it can generally be effectively controlled, and there will be no cancer. But if the sarcoma is found to be a more serious lesion of the skin, such as a melanoma, it can develop into skin cancer over time. It can be seen that the skin is abnormal, the cause is uncertain, and it is impossible to judge whether it will continue to develop and threaten the health. It is most appropriate to go to the hospital for examination to understand its type.

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