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China's high incidence of cancer, the "bane" is actually chicken essence? The 4 foods to really watch out for

Posting time:2023-01-31 12:28:34

China's high incidence of cancer, the "bane" is actually chicken essence? The 4 foods to really watch out for

Now more and more people have cancer, the common ones are stomach cancer, colon cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer and so on. The causes of cancer in different locations are different, but most of them are related to diet. If you don't understand the safety and source of food, you will indeed get a variety of harmful substances by eating indiscriminately, and finally accelerate the arrival of cancer. As a condiment representative of MSG, is the high incidence of cancer related to eating too much MSG? Find out below. Many people are skeptical about the safety of MSG, and feel that too much MSG increases the incidence of cancer. The main component of monosodium glutamate is sodium glutamate, which does not directly cause cancer. The use of this type of seasoning can make the flavor of food more unique, improve the freshness and increase the taste. As long as you control the amount of MSG used and use it correctly, you don't have to worry about cancer. What you really need to stay away from is other bad behaviors. Which foods should be avoided?

1. Preserved food

Excessive intake of some foods will indeed increase the incidence of cancer. If you can stay away from it, your health will be guaranteed, such as various Pickled products. Salted fish, ham, canned food, etc. are preserved for a long time after being marinated and have a unique flavor. However, during the marinating process, nitrite, which is unfavorable to health, will be produced. Excessive acquisition will increase the prevalence of malignant tumors in the digestive system. . The reason why some people have stomach cancer, bowel cancer and other diseases invasion is because of long-term intake of such foods. For health reasons, you should choose fresh, safe food.

2. Moldy food

To avoid cancer, the most important thing is to reduce the intake of moldy food. Many people get sick because they are too frugal, food is not kept in a good environment, and it may spoil in a short time. And after moldy, it will produce substances that are harmful to health, especially peanuts, melon seeds, etc. Moldy will produce aflatoxin, which has strong carcinogenicity and will directly lead to the appearance of liver cancer. In order to protect the liver and improve the function of the digestive system, the food should be eaten fresh, and it should not be eaten if it is moldy.

3. Barbecue food

For those who like to eat barbecue, the food is really delicious after high temperature charcoal fire, and it is very attractive to add various seasonings. of taste buds. However, the hidden dangers of barbecued food increase, and carcinogens will also be produced after being scorched. Long-term intake of barbecued food will not only affect the health of the digestive system, accelerate aging, but also increase the risk of various cancers. If you can cook the ingredients correctly and keep the original taste, you can provide nutrients and prevent serious diseases.

4. Foods containing alcohol

Some foods taste full of wine aroma, but in fact, white wine is added during the cooking process. Rice wine or beer, these foods are full of excitement. If you can't drink alcohol and lack the enzymes that break down alcohol, you will blush when you eat these alcoholic foods, and your body will have adverse reactions. Some people prefer this type of food, but they don't know that in the process of continuously acquiring alcohol, it increases the metabolic pressure on the liver and stimulates the gastric mucosa. Alcohol is a kind of carcinogen. Too much intake can cause cancer. It is necessary to eat properly during the maintenance process, and resolutely avoid drinking alcohol.

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