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Sweat at every move? Most people with qi deficiency have these 4 major manifestations, it is time to recuperate

Posting time:2022-12-02 08:14:47

Sweat at every move? Most people with qi deficiency have these 4 major manifestations, it is time to recuperate

Maintain a good lifestyle, actively improve resistance, maintain a normal physique, naturally stay away from diseases, and have a high-quality life. However, more and more people overdraw their bodies because of bad habits, and they will have corresponding symptoms when they develop diseases. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the supply of qi and blood is sufficient, the balance of yin and yang is maintained, and natural health is close. However, some people have repeated adverse symptoms, and after the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, they are found to be qi deficiency, and they should be actively adjusted to replenish their vitality. What are the characteristics of qi deficiency?

1. Poor mental state

There will be many changes in the influence of Qi deficiency for a long time. The so-called qi is also the basic substance needed by the human body, including the essence of the kidneys, the gas inhaled by the lungs, and the nutrients in the food absorbed by the normal operation of the spleen and stomach. When the conditions are met, the natural combination will maintain a sufficient state of vitality. Continued qi deficiency will make the body weak, giving people the feeling of lack of energy and easy fatigue. If you still can't keep your spirits full despite eating a regular diet and getting enough sleep, but you are tired and weak all day, it is likely to be Qi deficiency.

2. Excessive sweating

People with qi deficiency tend to sweat a lot at every turn. Under normal circumstances, people can only regulate their body temperature by sweating when they generate heat in a hot environment or when exercising. Without these preconditions, people often sweat a lot for inexplicable, even night sweats after falling asleep, and the heat is emitted. It doesn't matter, you need to be suspicious of qi deficiency. People with persistent qi deficiency are in poor physical condition, lose a lot of water, and many organs cannot function normally to absorb nutrients, so they will have cold sweats and night sweats. It is found that this situation should be actively adjusted. Only when the body is in the best state can the circulation and normal metabolism be maintained.

3. Pale complexion

According to the change of a person's complexion, it is possible to roughly judge the health of a person. People with correct maintenance have a ruddy complexion, which gives the impression of high-spiritedness, but persistent qi deficiency has not been adjusted. It is pale and bloodless, and this can be found by naked eye observation. Compared with those who are in a healthy state, those with similar diseases should be well conditioned and restored to a state of sufficient vitality as soon as possible, otherwise a prolonged period of qi deficiency will reduce the function of multiple organs.

4. Dizziness and discomfort

Qi deficiency mostly occurs in people who are malnourished, chronically ill, old and weak, and are easily affected by dizziness. The brain is an important commander of the human body. To maintain good function, it is necessary to ensure the normal function of nerves, blood vessels, etc. However, persistent qi deficiency makes the physical state poor, the nutrition cannot keep up, and the nutrients cannot be delivered in time, and the blood is sent to the important tissues and systems of the brain. Usually, the patient will show a poor mental state. In addition, it is easy to feel dizzy, inexplicable dizziness and headache. Rest is always needed to relieve these symptoms. If you find these warnings, you should adjust them as soon as possible for qi deficiency.

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