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In addition to active treatment, uremia patients need to keep these 5 points in mind in their diet

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:15:46

In addition to active treatment, uremia patients need to keep these 5 points in mind in their diet

The occurrence of uremia means that the function of the kidneys has been significantly decreased, and active cooperation with treatment is a prerequisite. Substance exchange can be carried out through hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, etc., thereby prolonging the life of the patient. Of course, other points of attention in life should not be missed. Mastering the method in terms of diet can not only provide nutrients, but also minimize the burden on the kidneys. Otherwise, eating errors may aggravate the disease. What should be paid attention to in the diet of patients with uremia?

1. The protein intake should be controlled

The protein supply in the diet should be appropriate after the appearance of uremia. Although protein is the material basis of human life activities and cannot be lacking, it is not that the more the supplement, the better. Most people who are affected by uremia have poor protein digestion and absorption capacity. If proteinuria has already occurred, a large amount of protein is still supplemented, which is not conducive to kidney maintenance, but will affect the disease. There are rich sources of protein. Meat foods, dairy products, eggs, etc. all contain protein. A small amount can be supplemented in moderation, not excessive.

2. Reducing sodium intake

Staying away from high-salt foods and strictly controlling the intake of sodium ions are issues that patients with uremia should pay attention to. Most of the preserved foods are rich in sodium. If you still get a lot of them after kidney health problems, the risk is that the burden of excreting sodium ions will increase and blood pressure will fluctuate. And many patients with uremia worsen and eventually have high blood pressure. If the diet can be kept light and tasted, and the amount of sodium salt used in the cooking process is appropriate, the pressure on the kidneys can be reduced and the blood pressure can be controlled stably.

3. Eat less spicy food

On the basis of illness, don’t eat too much spicy food. Most of them are seasoned with pepper and Chinese prickly ash. Although they can get rich vitamins and capsaicin, their irritation is not conducive to the treatment and improvement of the original disease. Excessive acquisition of spicy food will accelerate the production of inflammatory substances. Uremia is already developing. In addition to medication, attention should be paid to the protection of the digestive system. Otherwise, the disease will develop to a certain stage and bring about complications. If the function of the digestive system is reduced, the diet is still spicy, and the disease will be aggravated. risks of.

4. Reasonable provision of water

Patients with uremia should add appropriate amount of water during the diet and should not be dehydrated for a long time. Water is the source of life, and the body can maintain circulation and good metabolism when it meets its daily water needs, so as to excrete the harmful substances produced. However, if the wrong water is frequently added, such as drinking too much water at one time or being dehydrated for a long time, the disease will be aggravated. You can drink a small amount of water at different times of the day, and naturally accept it without lack of it, in order to maintain health.

5. Combination of meat and vegetables

The signal of uremia should be found, and patients should be patient and cooperative during the treatment process. At the same time, the diet with meat and vegetables should be properly matched to meet the nutritional needs. Some people are picky eaters or partial eclipses for a long time, which will lead to certain nutritional deficiencies, thereby reducing the resistance, which is not conducive to disease control. Uremia has already appeared, which means that the patient's kidney function has declined. If the appetite has deteriorated, they should choose appetizing and easy-to-digest foods. Of course, there should be more types of food to ensure the provision of various nutrients.

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