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2022 Academic Salon of Youth Committee of Ophthalmology Branch of Beijing Medical Association (Phase 6)

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2022 Academic Salon of Youth Committee of Ophthalmology Branch of Beijing Medical Association (Phase 6)

Editor's note At 19:00 on August 10, 2022, the Academic Salon (Phase 6) of the Youth Committee of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Beijing Medical Association was successfully held online. The theme of this academic salon is the research hotspot of glaucoma. Professor Wang Ningli from Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University served as the chairman of the conference, and Professor Feng Yun from Peking University Third Hospital served as the executive chairman. Specially invited Professor Liu Xuyang of Xiamen Ophthalmology Center Affiliated to Xiamen University, Professor Zhang Chun of Peking University Third Hospital, and Professor Wang Dajiang of PLA General Hospital as commenters. Associate Professor Zhang Jingxue of Beijing Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University and Professor Hong Ying of Peking University Third Hospital served as moderators. The total number of online visitors reached 8,815, which was a complete success. Moderators of the meeting: Associate Professor Zhang Jingxue and Professor Hong Ying Opening speeches: Give full play to the advantages of various aspects to escort eye health. In the opening speech, Professor Feng Yun, deputy director of the Youth Committee of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Beijing Medical Association, first introduced the theme of the academic salon: hope to fully Give full play to the academic and clinical advantages of experts, medical institutions, and members of the society, and make the society a platform for academic exchanges, technology promotion, talent training, and public health, which can contribute to the health of the people and strengthen the youth of northern ophthalmology. The influence of the group in the whole country and the Chinese ophthalmology youth group in the world. Executive Chairman of the meeting: Prof. Feng Yun, Qunxian and Bi Zhi: discussing hot topics in glaucoma diagnosis and treatment. On behalf of all the youth committees, associate professor Zhang Jingxue from Beijing Tongren Hospital thanked several glaucoma experts for their guidance and help in this academic salon. The rapid growth and the full recognition of the achievements are also ardent hopes for young scholars across the country. Then it was introduced that the speakers of this conference are representatives of outstanding scholars who have been active in the field of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment in recent years, covering research hotspots in the fields of new diagnosis and treatment, clinical translation, and basic research. All of you who participated in the conference have gained something and gained something! Professor Zhang Chun from the Third Hospital of Peking University gave a special lecture on "The Power of Visual Information", showing everyone a "systematic" understanding of visual information, and organically integrating science and humanities in the continuous cognitive path of visual information; It not only brought the impact and shock of visual information, but also made people re-recognize the glorious mission of ophthalmology workers. Professor Wang Huaizhou from Beijing Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, as the pioneer of external and internal Schlemm canalplasty (canaloplasty & ABiC) and microcatheter-guided 360° trabeculotomy (MAT) in China, gave a detailed overview of various The progress of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, especially the integration of Professor Wang Huaizhou's many years of valuable surgical experience and experience in front-line work, aroused extensive discussions among the participants. At present, various types of glaucoma surgeries still focus on destroying the trabecular meshwork tissue, and the long-term impact of the lack of normal regulatory function of trabecular meshwork cells has always been the focus of attention in this field. Professor Zhu Wei from Qingdao University proposed to achieve intraocular pressure lowering therapy for glaucoma by replacing trabecular meshwork cells. Professor Zhu Wei is the first in the world to complete the induction and differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells into trabecular meshwork cells, and to explore the mechanism, and has successively verified in small and large animal models that the transplantation of such seed cells can better exercise small and large animal models. Beam reticulum cells have the function of regulating intraocular pressure and have great prospects for clinical application. Provide direction for glaucoma IOP-lowering treatment programs from "breaking the old world" to "creating a new future". Professor Guo Xinzheng, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, focused on the ultimate goal of glaucoma treatment—protection and regeneration of retinal ganglion cells and their axons (optic nerve); lack of effective regeneration after optic nerve damage is the ultimate cause of irreversible blindness in glaucoma Pathological process; only by finding an effective optic nerve protection or regeneration program can the fundamental reversal of glaucoma be achieved. Professor Guo Xinzheng has successfully identified a class of CaMKII kinases with retinal ganglion cell protective effects through a large number of basic research screening and verification; more importantly, this kind of intervention target is in a variety of animal models of retinal ganglion cell damage (drugs). Toxic injury, optic nerve crush injury, and intraocular pressure injury), it has a significant protective effect, suggesting that it can be a broad-spectrum intervention drug for the protection of retinal ganglion cells. Discussion and Comments, Collision of Ideas: Conspiracy for New Strategies for Glaucoma Treatment Prof. Liu Xuyang, Prof. Zhang Chun, and Prof. Wang Dajiang made wonderful comments on the content of the conference, and spoke highly of the detailed work foundation, sufficient data and information, and innovative scientific research thinking of the speakers. . At the same time, it gave detailed guidance and discussions on the hot issues involved in the report. Many representatives of the Youth Committee also participated in the discussion session of the meeting to discuss the hot spots of glaucoma research and seek new strategies for glaucoma treatment. Summary The initial heart is like a rock, and it is hard work. This academic activity is the sixth phase of the series of academic activities of the Youth Committee. The Youth Committee of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Beijing Medical Association has worked hand in hand with many ophthalmology colleagues to contribute to the ophthalmology career in China and even around the world. The Academic Salon of the Youth Committee is held on the second Wednesday night of every month. The academic salon is based on the country and has a global perspective. It aims to provide young doctors with a broader platform for academic exchanges and presentations, and to enhance the global influence of Chinese ophthalmology youth groups. and encourage young doctors to be proactive and innovative to contribute to the development of China's ophthalmology career. Looking forward to the next academic salon of the Youth Committee will be more exciting! Conference review link:

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