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Often itchy throat, cough, or related to these 3 conditions, treat according to the condition

Posting time:2023-03-24 10:47:09

Often itchy throat, cough, or related to these 3 conditions, treat according to the condition

In daily life, many people often experience itchy throat accompanied by cough symptoms, which is called throat itching cough. When itchy cough occurs, patients are generally accompanied by a series of symptoms such as pain in the throat, foreign body sensation, retching, and acid regurgitation. Especially after eating some irritating food, or the body is too tired, this symptom will be more obvious, which will have a greater impact on the patient's life and health. So, what are the causes of itchy throat and cough? 1. Chronic pharyngitis is the main factor that often causes itchy throat and cough symptoms in daily life, which is related to chronic pharyngitis. Chronic pharyngitis refers to a chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, or submucosal and lymphoid tissues. After suffering from chronic pharyngitis, the patient will experience a very obvious burning sensation and foreign body sensation in the throat area, as well as dryness and itching. In addition to the discomfort in the throat, the patient will have an irritating cough and nausea when they wake up in the morning. When coughing, no secretion is usually coughed up, but the patient will feel that there is a thicker secretion in the posterior pharyngeal wall. These symptoms are especially exacerbated when the patient smokes, is emotionally unstable, and uses his or her voice excessively. Second, allergic cough Especially in spring, autumn and winter, many people will suffer from allergic cough because of allergies. For example, some dust, pollen or mold in the air, animal fur, as well as cigarette smoke or pesticides, mosquito coil smoke, formaldehyde, cold air, these are all causes of allergic cough. When suffering from allergic cough, the patient will have a very obvious irritating dry cough. In addition, there will be very obvious symptoms such as dry and itchy throat. If the symptoms are more severe, the patient may also experience symptoms such as shortness of breath. 3. Excessive Tobacco and Alcohol Excessive Tobacco and Alcohol is also a major factor causing frequent throat itching and coughing. Especially when you smoke a lot for a long time, some components after the cigarette is lit, such as coal tar, will enter the human body and stick to the surface of the alveoli, which will increase the burden on the lungs and cause coughing. In addition, some of the smoke in tobacco can easily infect the throat with some inflammation, or cause bronchitis, which will cause the patient to cough and itchy throat. If you drink a lot of alcohol for a long time, the components in alcohol will seriously stimulate and damage the mucous membrane of the throat, thereby causing some throat inflammation. Then, the patient will have a series of symptoms such as dry mouth, hoarseness, sore throat, itchy throat and dry cough. It can be seen that the cause of frequent throat itching and coughing is generally related to some throat diseases. In addition, if there are allergies or improper diets in daily life, this phenomenon will also occur. Therefore, once this phenomenon occurs, be sure to seek medical attention quickly, and then treat according to the condition. In addition, try to add some water as much as possible, or eat more Sydney, white fungus, white radish and other foods, which have the effect of relieving cough and soothing throat.

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