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The question is, does sleeping with the lights on is harmful to the eyes?

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:09:44

The question is, does sleeping with the lights on is harmful to the eyes?

People's fear of the dark is innate, and children can magnify this fear. It is precisely because children are afraid of the dark that many parents will light a night light for their children. Little do they know that although the light in the dark can bring a sense of security to the child's heart, it may cause various harm to the body.

Reduced immunity

There is an endocrine organ called the pineal gland in the human brain. The main function of the pineal gland is at night. When the human body goes to sleep, a large amount of melatonin is produced. Melatonin can inhibit the excitability of our human body's sympathetic nerves, so that the blood pressure drops, the heart rate slows down, the heart rests, enhances the body's immunity, and can kill cancer cells. However, sleeping with the lights on for a long time will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which will reduce the body's immunity for a long time.

Affects children's height

In the case of adequate nutrition, growth determines the speed and duration of a person's height growth hormone. Children will secrete growth hormone during sleep. When the light is on, the level of growth hormone will drop, which will affect the development speed and is not conducive to growing taller. The most vigorous period of growth hormone secretion is from ten o'clock at night to two o'clock in the morning in a deep sleep state.

Affects children's vision

Research shows that children who sleep in a dark room before the age of two have 10% myopia; In the night light room, the myopia rate is 34%; in the room with the headlights on, the myopia rate is 55%. Night is when the eyes adjust and relax, and darkness sends a signal to the eyes that it's time to relax the eye muscles. When you sleep with the light on, even if you fall asleep, the stimulation of light to the eyes continues, and the muscles, nerves and muscles inside the eyes are still in a tight state. If accumulated for a long time, it may cause eye fatigue and affect the normal vision development of children. cause myopia. Are you still sleeping with the lights on? Sleeping with the light for a long time will cause some unhealthy changes in the human body. Any small details ignored in life can have an impact on our health. Let us avoid the adverse effects of sleeping with the light on. Turn off the lights to sleep, create a good sleep environment, and guard our long-term health!

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