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How to deal with dry eyes indoors?

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:12:12

How to deal with dry eyes indoors?

Dryness is a common symptom of dry eye syndrome, and it is a very troublesome problem. Due to the recent recurrence of the epidemic, students and small partners in many areas have started home study and office mode, and they face computers and mobile phones at home for a long time, which will undoubtedly aggravate the dry eyes. What to do with dry eyes? Can you relieve yourself at home? Children and teenagers 1. The brightness of the electronic device screen should not be too different from the background light intensity of the room, otherwise it will easily cause eye fatigue. 2. Keep at least an appropriate distance between your eyes and the screen when facing the computer. Sit naturally, do not lie down. Use your eyes for 30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes. Rest requirements: in natural light, look out the window 6 meters away; or do eye exercises to let the eyes rest. 3. It is recommended to exercise outdoors for 1 hour every day. In the case of a safe community environment, adhere to appropriate outdoor activities. 4. It is recommended to go to bed early and get up early. When the biological clock is disturbed, the hormone levels will be disturbed, which will reduce the immunity and increase the incidence of dry eye or other eye diseases in children. 5. Eat a balanced diet. Many children are picky eaters and partial eclipses. If the intake of vitamins is insufficient, it will not only affect growth and development, but also be unfavorable for vision health. Eat more nutritious meals such as fruits, vegetables, soy products, and sea fish. The work and life of modern office workers are inseparable from electronic screens, and one of the causes of dry eye syndrome is called "video terminal syndrome", which refers to office workers who stare at electronic screens for more than 4 to 6 hours/day dry eye syndrome. During the time the eyes are fixed on the screen, the cerebral cortex is excited, and blinking will involuntarily decrease. Your eyes will evaporate too much water by keeping them open. Over time, there will be video terminal syndrome. It is characterized by concentrated occurrence in young people aged 20 to 40, with unexplained eye swelling, headache, and symptoms that are light in the morning and evening in the evening. Wearing the same pair of glasses, I can see well in the morning, but it is blurry in the afternoon, and it will be better in the morning on the second day after I sleep. During the epidemic, many people continued to work online even though they were at home. Faced with the computer for a long time, the eyes will inevitably feel uncomfortable. We remind everyone to take proper rest and pay attention to eye health. 1. Reduce the contact time of the electronic screen. When using the screen, the screen is 15~30° below the eye level. Every 40-50min of work, take a 10~15-minute rest, and supplement it with artificial tear eye drops, such as: sodium hyaluronate, etc. 2. Open windows regularly to ventilate and maintain indoor air humidity. Or use a humidifier to increase indoor humidity. Importantly, don't stay up late. 3. Take a minute or two every day to practice blinking. When using your eyes for half an hour, you can close your eyes for two seconds—wink your eyes for two seconds—and then open your eyes for two seconds. Repeat 5-10 times. 4, massage, hot compress eyes. On the one hand, hot compress can improve local circulation and relieve eye muscle fatigue, and on the other hand, it can reduce the volatilization of tears. Massage can be done anytime, anywhere. It is undeniable for parents and elders that older people have significantly improved tolerance to the discomfort caused by dry eye. Dry eye in the elderly is often severe at the time of treatment due to the long course of the disease, the involvement of hormone factors, concomitant systemic diseases, and the influence of oral drugs, and the function of the meibomian glands has lost half or more. 1. If you have been diagnosed with "dry eye syndrome" before, it is recommended to use hot compresses as a daily health care activity. Simple hot towel compress, if possible, use a hot pack. It is recommended to apply hot compress for 10-15 minutes to promote blood circulation in the eyes and fully melt the lipids in the eyes. 2. Affected by the epidemic, some people also bought wet room mirrors. Wet room mirrors keep the eye area moist by creating a space that is both airtight and moist. 3, in the diet, do not overeating, avoid spicy and alcohol. Eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in vitamins. Elderly people can also supplement some unsaturated fatty acids (such as omega 3), carotene and vitamin A orally, which can also help improve the secretion function of meibomian glands and relieve dry eye syndrome. In addition to home care, there are mainly the following ways to treat dry eye in the dry eye clinic: OPT intense pulsed light therapy OPT intense pulsed light therapy is to directly heat the meibum through the photon energy penetrating the epidermis, unclog the meibomian glands and relieve the symptoms of dry eye. , and also has the effect of sterilization and removal of mites. Dry eye SPA uses ultrasonic atomization and constant temperature heating and fumigation to dredge the meibomian glands, improve the oil secretion function of the meibomian glands, relieve inflammation of the eyelid margin and new blood vessels, and enhance the therapeutic effect. It should be noted that dry eye syndrome is a very common eye disease, and everyone should pay attention to it.

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