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After recovering from new coronary pneumonia, will it still be contagious? Please treat them like normal people

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:38:45

After recovering from new coronary pneumonia, will it still be contagious? Please treat them like normal people

The most popular and sensitive topic in recent years is the new coronavirus, and the new coronavirus has multiple ways of transmission. If you do not take protective measures, you will often go to crowded places. Once there are virus carriers, it will spread quickly. . Therefore, national and regional epidemic prevention measures are constantly being strengthened to reduce the spread of the disease as much as possible. However, those who have experienced the new crown have a deep understanding of it, and they receive strange looks wherever they go. Although ill, they are not monsters. As for the question of whether the new crown positive will still be contagious after recovery, it should be clearly understood. Infected by the new coronavirus, some people have no symptoms, and some people are in poor physical condition. After the virus invades, various symptoms are caused, and the function of the lungs will be reduced. Whether it will be contagious after recovery depends on multiple conditions. Most people are not contagious when cured because the virus has been removed from the body. However, there are also a small number of patients who have the chance of re-yang. If the re-yang is not detected in time, there is a risk of infection. Despite this, patients should not have too much psychological pressure, as long as the follow-up nucleic acid tests are in place. What should I pay attention to after recovery?

1. Regular review

There are many points to pay attention to after a positive cure for COVID-19, such as following the doctor's advice and visiting the hospital regularly Carry out examinations to understand the recovery of the body through examinations. Even if they have been clinically cured, very few patients return to positive. After being positive, cough, fatigue, fever, etc. appear again, you should immediately isolate and contact the local hospital for treatment, and cut off the transmission route of the disease, otherwise you will go to crowded places again. It can be spread to others, which can lead to an uncontrollable situation.

2. Don't have too much pressure

Keep your mind relaxed and don't have too much psychological pressure. It is a good thing to do after treatment. Although there are very few patients who have recovered positive, this probability is relatively low, and the results of subsequent nucleic acid tests have all shown negative, which can be ruled out with a high probability. If you are always afraid of recurrence and are in a state of worry and tension all day long, you will put too much pressure on yourself due to negative emotions. People are prone to illness under high pressure, which will reduce resistance and affect endocrine. You should learn more about relevant common sense, try to keep your body and mind relaxed, and don’t fall into misunderstandings and your mood changes frequently. From the above content, it can be found that most people who have received the new crown can be cured if they cooperate with the treatment as soon as possible, and if there is no rejuvenation after recovery, the virus in the body is completely cleared and controlled, and it will not continue to infect others. However, some people are careless after treatment, and often go to crowded places for activities, or even travel abroad, and the risk of continuing to be infected is greatly increased. The principles of correct epidemic prevention should be followed, personal behavior should be standardized, and the risk of infection should be reduced.

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