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Sudden death from taking a bath for too long? Pay attention to these 3 details to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Posting time:2023-01-31 02:50:39

Sudden death from taking a bath for too long? Pay attention to these 3 details to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

In the hot summer, the body sweats a lot, and you should pay attention to cleaning to remove dirt and reduce sweat odor. However, you need to pay attention to the method of taking a bath. Some people take a bath too fast, and it ends with a simple cleaning, and some people take a long bath. It is necessary to understand what is wrong. Many people say that taking too long in the bath can lead to sudden death. Is there any basis for this statement? Compared with ordinary showers, taking a bath is more risky, because the body is completely immersed in warm water during the bathing process. Although it feels very comfortable when soaking, the blood circulation of the whole body is accelerated, but taking a bath for too long will cause problems. hidden danger. After being soaked in warm water for a long time, the capillaries expand rapidly, and a large amount of blood quickly reaches various parts, which is equivalent to the reduction of the amount of blood provided to the brain, heart and other important organs. If there is ischemia in the first place, it is easy to cause sudden death. Therefore, even if you want to take a bath to relieve fatigue, you should control the time. Doing these 3 points in the bath can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease Risks, there are some points to pay attention to when taking a bath, such as maintaining indoor ventilation. Most people close the doors and windows tightly when taking a bath. Indeed, in the cold autumn and winter seasons, if the doors and windows are not closed, the cold air will invade, and it is easy to catch cold, but it is not as tight as possible, and the air should be allowed to circulate normally, otherwise the room will continue to be in the air. When the temperature is high, the air is not circulating, and it is easy to lose oxygen and syncope. It is best to open small windows to let in fresh air.

2. Pay attention to water temperature control

Bathing is a knowledge, and you should pay attention to water temperature control. Some people do feel relaxed when the temperature is very high in the bath and the body can tolerate it. However, the blood circulation speed is also accelerated when the temperature is high, and there is atherosclerosis and cardiac function. Under the influence of hot water, the blood circulation of the limbs is accelerated, providing more blood, which indirectly reduces the blood supply of the heart, brain and other organs. There are already health problems, which may lead to more serious diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to the water temperature control.

3. Take time well

After a whole day of busy work and exercise, people will feel tired to some extent, and taking a bath will feel very comfortable when tired. , This makes many people get carried away, the time in the bath is not well controlled, continuous bathing for more than 20 minutes, this behavior is not advisable, it will continue to make the blood vessels in a state of expansion, the blood circulation in other parts is significantly accelerated, and it will affect important organs. Blood supply, even if the bath is very comfortable, pay attention to the time control, not more than ten minutes. Check the time before the bath starts, pay close attention, and don't leave a health hazard because the time is not controlled.

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