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Regular calcium supplementation or calcium deficiency? These 4 types of food are designed to "grab calcium" with bones, so eat less

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:47:57

Regular calcium supplementation or calcium deficiency? These 4 types of food are designed to "grab calcium" with bones, so eat less

People of many ages should pay attention to calcium supplementation to maintain a healthy state by obtaining the nutrients the body needs. Whether it is a developing teenager or a menopausal woman, the elderly should use calcium supplementation to maintain good tooth function and promote bone health. Otherwise, calcium deficiency will continue, and bone density will not meet the standard, which will lead to osteoporosis. . Of course, in the process of calcium supplementation, some types of foods should be kept away to avoid ineffective calcium supplementation.

1. Preserved food

If you want to get the calcium that the human body needs, you should make efforts in the diet, those will affect the calcium It is better to stay away from absorbing foods, such as preserved foods. Preserved foods have a high risk and will produce nitrites that are unfavorable to health. Among them, ham, canned food, pickles, etc. all contain this substance. Ingestion in large quantities and eating for a long time will increase the prevalence of digestive system diseases. In addition, pickled food also has a feature that it contains rich sodium salt, which will increase the burden of excretion of sodium ions after obtaining it, and take away the required calcium in the process of continuous excretion, which will cause it to be lost, so that it cannot achieve good health. Calcium supplementation effect. These two substances are in a competitive relationship and should not be obtained at the same time.

2. Fried food

In order to absorb calcium as soon as possible to keep the body healthy, keep away from high-calorie fried food. Many people like to eat all kinds of fried snacks. Although the oil is full of aroma, it is a calorie bomb, which is the main reason for many people's obesity and sticky blood. Too much fat is easily decomposed into fatty acids, which combine with calcium in the body, thereby affecting the absorption of calcium. Even if these foods are delicious, you must know how to control them, and you can get them in small amounts, instead of eating these fried high-calorie foods for a long time.

3. Processed food

Many foods are processed with bright color and attractive taste. After packaging, the secondary processed products contain additives. , pigments, flavors, etc. are more abundant, and long-term dependence on these foods will obtain substances that are unfavorable to health, thereby causing diseases. In addition, most processed products are rich in phosphorus, and excessive intake will disrupt the balance of minerals, thereby affecting the absorption and utilization of calcium. If you are in the developmental stage, you may be stunted, and the elderly are always eating processed products, and many types of diseases may invade.

4. Foods rich in oxalic acid

If you want to supplement calcium safely and effectively, you should know which foods are rich in oxalic acid in your life. Oxalic acid is obtained in a large amount, but at the same time it is supplementing calcium. The two substances will combine with each other when entering the body to form insoluble precipitates. Calcium oxalate is also the main component of kidney stones in many people. In order to avoid the invasion of diseases, it is necessary to keep away from vegetables or fruits rich in oxalic acid, and do not obtain substances that interact with calcium elements when supplementing calcium.

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