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I have a "rich bag" on my neck, use these 4 methods to take it back

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:44:34

I have a "rich bag" on my neck, use these 4 methods to take it back

Fuguibao is a common name in the folk, and there is no corresponding name in medicine, but if you find that there are fat hyperplasia masses of different sizes and hardnesses in your cervical vertebrae, it is likely to be Fuguibao. As a special proliferation of cervical spondylosis, it may be caused by working at a desk for a long time and bowing your head for too long. In order to keep the neck beautiful, a good method should be taken to relieve the rich bag.

1. Active neck

In order to improve the wealthy bag, you should pay attention to more neck activities. Because of working at a desk for a long time, keeping the head down is easy to cause local fat hyperplasia to form a mass, which will affect the normal function of the cervical spine in severe cases. During the work interval, the cervical spine can be continuously moved by simple movements such as turning the head, raising the head, and nodding, so as to maintain the flexible state of the bones. It can also relax the muscles during the activity and promote blood circulation. In addition to effectively preventing cervical spondylosis, it is also helpful for the prevention of rich bags.

2. Surgical treatment

If you want to improve Fugui Bao, you can also perform surgical treatment, because some people have Fugui Bao for a long time and local mass The volume increases, which cannot be effectively improved simply by developing good habits, and even seriously affects the quality of life. It is necessary to check as soon as possible to determine whether there is tissue calcification inside the mass. If the tissue calcification is more serious, it can be removed by surgery, which can also achieve the effect of improving the rich bag. Some people have cervical spondylosis in addition to the rich package, and they must perform surgery as soon as possible to restore their health.

3. Massage therapy

Massage therapy can help to improve Fuguibao. Correct massage, massage, etc. can relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and keep cervical spine relaxed. the purpose of the state. It is best to go to a professional institution with the assistance of professionals, and do not massage or massage by yourself. In the process of massage, specific techniques stimulate the unique functional acupoints of the body in a deep level, which can achieve the effect of dredging the meridians, nourishing the qi and blood, which is conducive to the relief of the rich and noble bags, thereby reducing the burden on the neck.

4. Get rid of bad posture

Changing bad lifestyle has the effect of relieving wealth and wealth, especially those who focus on work or study, don’t bow your head often , Should keep the neck, shoulders, back relaxed. Although it is necessary to maintain proper posture during study or work, it cannot always maintain the same posture for a long time, and should constantly change postures to maintain partial relaxation and comfort. The action of bowing your head should not happen often. Occasionally bowing your head is not a problem, but you cannot bow your head for a long time, otherwise the risk of cervical spondylosis or wealth bags will increase significantly.

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