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Can AIDS cause heart disease? Do 2 things, prevention is not difficult

Posting time:2023-03-24 06:40:19

Can AIDS cause heart disease? Do 2 things, prevention is not difficult

AIDS refers to a disease caused by HIV infection. Because the virus will attack the patient's immune system, and eventually the loss of immunity will cause a variety of health problems, so it should not be underestimated. According to research, after the AIDS invasion, patients not only have poor resistance, but are prone to various infections, and even their hearts will be damaged, increasing the risk of heart disease. What happened to this phenomenon? Learn more below. AIDS patients are prone to heart disease, because the virus can affect heart health in various ways. Compared with healthy people, HIV attacks lymphocytes after invading and reduces immunity, so various infections occur and the risk of virus invasion increases , if the infection happens to occur in the tissue of the heart, there is an increased risk of serious heart disease. In addition, HIV can also cause the patient's vascular endothelial dysfunction, and the blood is more likely to be thick. After the thickening, the blood vessels constrict and the circulation cannot be maintained well. They will face pulmonary hypertension, and finally the body's immune disorders will appear. Cardiomyocytes are damaged, and the heart In severe cases such as steatosis, cardiomyopathy and heart failure are more likely. It can be seen that AIDS is a disease with a high degree of harm. Although the patient will not die in a short time, it will destroy the immune function bit by bit. If the virus is not actively cooperated with treatment to control the development of the virus, it will eventually threaten the life safety of the patient. How to avoid this situation?

1. Cut off the transmission route of AIDS

If you want to protect the body and maintain good heart function, in addition to promoting good heart health, develop good habits , but also actively prevent serious diseases that can damage the heart. There are many ways of transmission of AIDS, including blood transmission, mother-to-child transmission, sexual transmission and so on. Only by understanding the relevant channels and cutting off the transmission routes can we be healthy and secure. Among them, sexual life is the main way of transmission. You should learn to clean yourself and avoid high-risk sexual behaviors. Without the influence of such diseases, the natural function of the heart will remain good.

2. Actively cooperate with treatment after illness

If you accidentally contract the virus and are already ill, there are many things to pay attention to if you want to treat and reduce the damage to the heart The main points should be understood, including early detection of disease and early treatment. AIDS sounds terrible, it will destroy the patient's immune function, but as long as the drug is combined, the patient can live like a normal person, and even live to seventy or eighty years old. Most of those patients whose functions of multiple organs in the body have decreased significantly and endangered their life and health are mostly because they do not have enough knowledge about the disease. In addition, they make mistakes during the treatment process and are impatient. In the end, the virus ravages the heart and damages the heart. In severe cases, various malignant tumors appear. .

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