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Fishbone stuck in throat, don't drink vinegar and swallow rice next time, these 2 methods are safe and effective

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:29:35

Fishbone stuck in throat, don't drink vinegar and swallow rice next time, these 2 methods are safe and effective

For those who like to eat fish, they want to try all kinds of fish and seafood. Indeed, compared with bland vegetables, eating fish can feel the freshness and sweetness of the meat, and can also obtain rich protein, trace elements, and vitamins. Wait, it's good for health. However, there are differences in the distribution of fish bones in different fish species. Some fish have many fish bones, and they are small and accidentally stuck in the throat when eating. So, what are some good ways to take this situation? Many people get fishbone stuck in their throat. The first reaction is to drink vinegar and swallow rice. They feel that vinegar can soften the fishbone and relieve the discomfort in the throat. They even feel that swallowing rice can have a certain impact and take the fishbone into the stomach and excrete it out. . In fact, these methods are not only unsatisfactory, but may also have other hidden dangers, which need to be mitigated by choosing the correct method. How to deal with fishbone stuck in throat?

1. Go to the hospital for treatment

The first way is to go to the hospital for an examination, seek help from a doctor in the relevant department, and tell the specific situation Notify your doctor. The doctor will conduct a systematic examination to understand where the fishbone is stuck and how deep it is, and then clarify the position and direction of the fishbone, and then use tools to remove it. This method is not only fast, but also has a high safety factor, which can quickly relieve the discomfort in the throat. Other wrong methods may allow the fishbone to penetrate deeper and deeper, even into the esophagus, and damage the mucosa of the digestive tract after passing through the stomach. But do not handle it yourself, it is safe to inform the doctor and remove it with a tool.

2. Cough vigorously

Some people eat fish food very fast, accidentally get stuck on the fishbone, and the throat will feel tingling during swallowing, which is relatively uncomfortable . If you can cough hard at the first time when the fishbone gets stuck in the throat, you can also use the impact force brought by the hard cough to let the fishbone fall off, thereby alleviating the pain and discomfort of the throat. However, coughing forcefully is not an option in every situation, and if the fishbone is small, and it just happened, trying to cough may be able to get it off. However, if the fishbone is large and the throat is stuck for a long time, do not cough vigorously at will. From the above content, we can know that if the fishbone is stuck in the throat, it is not advisable to simply swallow rice or drink vinegar. You should choose other safe and quick methods to remove the fishbone as soon as possible. If the fishbone is swallowed blindly, it may damage the mucous membrane during the process of passing through the digestive tract, and there is a risk of bleeding. The fishbone stuck by some people is relatively large, and it is difficult to excrete it normally. Therefore, don't take this situation as a small problem, and you can't take various soil methods without scientific basis to alleviate it. To ensure safety, it is ideal to go to the hospital and use the tools.

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