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When a child says he sees things blurry, is he really short-sighted?

Posting time:2023-03-24 04:25:03

When a child says he sees things blurry, is he really short-sighted?

In daily life, there will be some children who see things in the distance blurry, is it really myopia? Everyone needs to understand the difference between true myopia and false myopia first, in order to better judge and take corresponding corrective measures. Next, Shilijia will show you the things about true myopia and false myopia. True myopia: axial myopia caused by improper eye use! True myopia, also known as axial myopia, is mainly due to improper use of the eyes, or inattentive eye hygiene, etc., which causes the eyeball to become longer, parallel light enters the eyeball, the focus falls on the retina, and the image cannot be clearly imaged. called true myopia. True myopia generally needs to wear glasses immediately to avoid deepening the degree of myopia due to overuse of the eyes. This is something that requires special attention, and parents must pay attention to it. Pseudo-myopia (accommodative myopia): functional myopia caused by overuse! Pseudo-myopia is due to overuse of the eye, which leads to continuous contraction and spasm of the ciliary muscle, and the thickness of the lens increases at this time, resulting in blurred vision. Pseudo-myopia belongs to functional myopia. In general, pseudo-myopia can restore vision by strengthening eye muscles, relaxing muscles and relieving fatigue. Pseudo-myopia generally does not need to wear glasses. If pseudo-myopia is not adjusted and trained in time To relieve, it is easy to cause the eyeball to be oppressed by the extraocular muscles for a long time, resulting in the enlargement of the eye axis and eventually becoming true myopia. Pay attention to the rational use of the eyes, and control the vision not to continue to develop! For children who have myopia, whether it is false myopia or true myopia, we must pay attention to the rational use of eyes. Reading or using electronic products for a long time will cause certain damage to the eyes. In daily life and study, it is necessary to standardize sitting posture and eye behavior, avoid using eyes at close range for a long time, and do daily eye care. At present, there are many eye care products that have a very good effect on vision protection, such as eye patches, eye sprays, eye essences, etc., which can help us relieve eye fatigue and protect our eyesight health. In addition, the diet should be balanced and nutritional supplements, so that children can eat more fruits and vegetables. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure more than 2 hours of outdoor activities every day. Sufficient outdoor activities can promote the secretion of dopamine in the body, thereby inhibiting the rapid growth of the eye axis.

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