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When uric acid is too high, the body will have 3 manifestations. Doing these 3 points may reduce uric acid.

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When uric acid is too high, the body will have 3 manifestations. Doing these 3 points may reduce uric acid.

With the improvement of people's income level, the daily diet has also undergone great changes. Many people like to eat seafood and big fish and meat on weekdays. Although the appetite is temporarily satisfied, it will lead to too much in the body for a long time. Purine substances, which increase uric acid. Although uric acid is not an acute disease, if the uric acid level is not controlled, it will also lead to the appearance of gout and, in severe cases, symptoms of arthritis. So what happens to our body when uric acid is too high? How can I lower uric acid? 1. What are the manifestations of the body when uric acid is high? 1. Always thirsty. When we drink enough water, we rarely feel thirsty, but if the uric acid level in the body is too high, the patient will always feel thirsty, even after drinking a lot of water, but the feeling of thirst still remains. did not disappear. At this time, we must pay special attention. It is likely that the content of uric acid is relatively high, which affects the normal function of the kidneys, so that it cannot be detoxified in time, and finally the problem of thirst occurs. 2. Frequent waking up at night Everyone knows that waking up at night is a normal physiological phenomenon, but when you are healthy, you will urinate once or twice at night, but if you have frequent waking up lately, it is likely that there is an abnormality in the kidneys. Unable to metabolize toxins in the body; therefore, uric acid cannot be eliminated from the body, so that the uric acid value rises, and the brain will frequently issue instructions to the body to urinate. 3. Joint pain If the uric acid level in the body remains high, a large amount of uric acid crystals will be deposited in the joint cavity, which will induce arthritis, and the patient will experience symptoms of joint pain. Especially in the middle of the night, this pain is more obvious. If uric acid is not controlled in time, it will not only affect normal walking, but also show joint swelling and elevated skin temperature. 2. What can be done to reduce the uric acid level? 1. If you want to reduce uric acid by controlling your diet, you must first start with your diet. You cannot eat foods with high purine content such as seafood and animal offal. The diet should be light. It is recommended to eat more day lily, celery, cucumber, bitter gourd and other foods; because these foods It has a diuretic effect, and after ingesting the human body, it can help the excretion of uric acid, thereby protecting the health of the body. In addition, you should eat more coarse grains such as oats and corn, because they are rich in dietary fiber, which can not only regulate the function of the kidneys, promote metabolism, but also decompose uric acid in the body. 2. Drink more water. People with high uric acid can not only drink more boiled water on weekdays, but also choose weak alkaline water and soda water. The alkaline substances in them can neutralize the uric acid in the body. Under normal circumstances, adults should drink at least 2,000 ml of water every day, and uric acid will also be excreted in the process of urinating frequently. 3. Moderate exercise Do more aerobic exercise such as rope skipping, jogging, swimming, etc. on weekdays. On the one hand, it can promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism. In addition, it can also metabolize part of uric acid while sweating. In general, when the uric acid level in the body is relatively high, the body does have a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as frequent urination mentioned above, joint pain and constant thirst. At this time, we must use the correct method to reduce the uric acid level. In addition to improving the diet, drinking more water and exercising, if the uric acid level has not decreased, we should also consult a doctor to take related drugs.

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