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Don't delay children's myopia, the consequences are very serious

Posting time:2023-03-24 15:55:19

Don't delay children's myopia, the consequences are very serious

If children's myopia is not controlled in time, it will increase rapidly every year. Once it becomes a high degree of myopia of more than 600 degrees, complications such as high intraocular pressure, macular hemorrhage, and cataract will occur, which is hard to prevent. The more serious harm of high myopia is that it also changes genes and inherits offspring. When it comes to children's myopia, many parents seem hesitant, delaying as long as they can. When their children can't see the blackboard clearly and affect their grades, they think of giving their children vision correction training or glasses. When faced with the choice between academic performance and visual health, many parents will choose academic performance without hesitation, while ignoring their children's visual health. Once you find that your child's grades have dropped, you will quickly sign up for a study class to make up for your child's lessons; if you find that your child is not well nourished, you will quickly buy imported food to supplement your child's nutrition. Can Myopia Procrastinate? Of course not! Myopia can hinder children's learning. After myopia, children can't see the words on the blackboard and projection clearly, and the children's grades are easy to decline. Due to blurred vision, dry and sore eyes, difficulty in concentrating, emotional irritability and even dizziness, children will spend more time, energy, and brainpower, and it will take longer for them to learn. Myopia will hinder the future of children. Every year, there will be a large number of candidates, because myopia is restricted from applying for majors, involving electronic information, bioengineering, medical pharmacy, aviation, navigation technology and other majors, more than 30 majors are restricted, and even Even the desire to join the army cannot be realized, which seriously affects the child's life planning. Myopia harms physical and mental health. It is nicknamed and hurts self-esteem. Wearing glasses and physical exercise will not accumulate ji, and physical and mental health will be damaged. Myopia causes many inconveniences in life, poor vision, affects learning, affects physical and mental health, affects facial beauty, affects communication, and even causes eye diseases. Mild myopia: I don't wear them, I can't see clearly~ Wear, hey, where are my glasses? (Easy to forget) Moderate myopia: I can't do anything without my glasses, and I can't do anything without my glasses. I searched on the ground for a while. I don't need to think about strenuous exercise. My glasses are easy to fall off. High myopia: Wear it with you 24 hours a day, and have the entire spare. Fatigue easily, deformed eyes, deformed nose, deformed hair, and inherited from the next generation. Increased likelihood of various complications. There are many complications of high myopia and the myopia of children is not controlled in time. Once it becomes a high degree of myopia of more than 600 degrees, the possible complications (high intraocular pressure, macular hemorrhage, cataract, etc.) are unavoidable. High myopia is also easy to change human genes and become invisible genetic factors to be passed on to future generations. How to prevent and control myopia in children? It is urgent to save children from myopia. Excluding genetic factors, the formation of acquired myopia is mainly due to environmental factors, that is, excessive eyeball development due to long-term viewing, and the eye axis exceeds the normal value. Therefore, children under the age of 18 prevent myopia: 1. Let the children look far and less near. ② Stay away from mobile phones, IPADs and computer games, and exercise outdoors for 1 hour every day. ③ Regularly check the visual acuity, if the visual acuity is lower than 1.0, it can be treated with OK lens and other methods. Children with myopia within 3 months are often pseudo-myopia (caused by ocular muscle spasm), and the uncorrected visual acuity is generally 0.6-0.8 (4.8-4.9). Once the child's myopia is too long and not dealt with in time, the pseudo-myopia will become true myopia, and then some pseudo-myopia will occur. Such repeated superposition will lead to the deepening of the degree of myopia and the continuous decline of naked eye vision. Without glasses, your grades will be affected, and you will be prone to squinting, strabismus, and even amblyopia, and the degree will continue to deepen. Myopia is not terrible, what is terrible is procrastination and neglect! Therefore, parents must pay attention to their children's myopia, and take their children to a professional eye hospital for examination and correction in time.

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