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How long can meat keep in the refrigerator? Hurry up and tell your family about these dangers

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:27:46

How long can meat keep in the refrigerator? Hurry up and tell your family about these dangers

As a household appliance, the refrigerator has powerful functions and can achieve the purpose of cooling and keeping food fresh. If you don’t eat ingredients in a short time after purchasing, it is best to refrigerate or freeze them. It is not easy to breed bacteria under low temperature conditions, which can greatly extend the shelf life of food. However, some people buy a lot of meat food, and they will stock up on ingredients during the New Year and festivals, and it is necessary to know how long the frozen meat in the refrigerator can not be eaten. It is not that the longer it is frozen, the better. How long can the meat in the refrigerator be uneatable? This question should be discussed. Although the refrigeration of the refrigerator can reduce its ambient temperature, it is better than the effect of preserving food at room temperature and can prolong the shelf life, but it is not the longer the better. If it is refrigerated meat, it should not be eaten for more than two days. And freeze at sub-zero temperature, don't eat it for more than three months. Because the temperature and environment of refrigeration and freezing are different, the freezing temperature is lower, and the shelf life is relatively longer, but the freezing time is too long, the food will become zombie meat, and the taste and nutrition will be deteriorated. Is it harmful to eat? Many people do not know whether eating meat frozen in the refrigerator is harmful to the body, depending on various conditions, such as whether the purchased meat is fresh enough. If it is frozen in a fresh state, there is a low temperature environment to ensure that the meat food does not deteriorate, and subsequent eating will not have any impact. If the purchased meat is not stored in the refrigerator for the first time, but is kept at room temperature, the ambient temperature in summer is very high, and the meat may not be fresh after a few hours, so it is only frozen. It will not be fresh if you take it out and eat it later. This meat food is harmful to the body after ingestion, and it is necessary to ensure that it is fresh before freezing. In addition, when the meat food is frozen, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is first installed with clean plastic wrap to isolate the air and avoid contact with the refrigerator. Some people put the meat food directly on the plate after buying it. Instead of putting it in a clean fresh-keeping bag, it is directly stored in the refrigerator. Although the ambient temperature has dropped significantly, if it directly touches the inner wall of the refrigerator, it will be resistant to low temperature. Bacteria contaminate meat food, and it also has great hidden dangers to eat it later. Safety depends on whether the preservation method is reasonable. In addition, the length of freezing time determines the taste and nutritional value of meat. If it is placed in the freezing layer, it will only last for a few days or a week or two. Basically, it is no different from freshly purchased meat. It can provide the same nutrition, and it will not cause harm to the body after ingestion. However, if the freezing time is too long, more than three months, or even more than half a year, and it is placed in the refrigerator for a long time, although there is a low temperature to extend the shelf life, there are potential safety hazards. It is necessary to shorten the freezing time, do not buy too many ingredients at one time, and try to eat them as soon as possible.

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