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Few doctors make it clear: in line with these 4 conditions, your diabetes may be "fake"

Posting time:2022-12-03 07:45:31

Few doctors make it clear: in line with these 4 conditions, your diabetes may be "fake"

When it comes to diabetes, many people know that it is a difficult chronic disease, and many symptoms are obvious when blood sugar fluctuates. Of course, diabetes not only causes patients to urinate more at night, dry mouth, and numb limbs, but also damage blood vessels, nervous system and multiple organs after the disease aggravates, and wait for serious complications to appear before active treatment, many adverse consequences will be bear. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the common sense related to the disease and deal with it correctly.

1. Hyperglycemia caused by hyperthyroidism

Diabetes is also divided into true and false, easy to confuse, some cases belong to pseudo-diabetes, For example, hyperthyroidism is developing, and the blood sugar measured at this time is too high, which is not necessarily a real diabetes. Because when there is too much thyroid hormone secretion, the metabolism is fast and the nerves are excited, which will increase the blood flow of the intestinal wall, so that the sugar in the food can be absorbed more quickly. Compared with people without the disease, the blood sugar will be biased. high, the inspection result will also show abnormality. However, as long as reasonable treatment measures are taken for hyperthyroidism, the disease can be controlled and blood sugar will return to normal.

2. Acromegaly affects high blood sugar

Many people are in a state of unstable blood sugar, and it is suspected that diabetes is developing. In fact, not all high blood sugar is true diabetes. If acromegaly occurs, it will also face the problem of high blood sugar during the development of the disease, but it is only an adverse consequence caused by changes in hormone secretion. At this time, the body's carbohydrate metabolism is disordered, so blood sugar will be high. However, as long as reasonable treatment measures are taken for the health problems that cause high blood sugar, the disease will be controlled and blood sugar will return to stability. Because of the excessive secretion of growth hormone during the development of acromegaly, the metabolism will be abnormal.

3. High blood sugar after gastrectomy

Not all high blood sugar is true diabetes, some people have severe stomach disease, and the consequence is the function of the organ If it is lower, the lesion needs to be surgically removed, and in severe cases, part of the diseased stomach tissue must be removed. However, some complications and side effects will appear after the operation. Due to the removal of the stomach tissue, the patient's digestive ability will deteriorate, and there will be signs of high blood sugar. In addition, the diastolic function is reduced after gastrectomy, and some substances enter the duodenum, which will also cause the blood sugar to fluctuate after the osmotic pressure changes, but this is not true diabetes.

4. Liver disease develops and blood sugar is high

The liver remains healthy, the body can metabolize and use galactose normally, but if the function of this organ is reduced, liver cells are damaged Degeneration and necrosis are equivalent to problems in the utilization of galactose, and carbohydrates cannot be absorbed and consumed normally, resulting in high blood sugar. However, as long as the liver disease is discovered, it is understood its type and severity, and the best treatment plan is selected to protect the liver cells and actively improve the function of the organ. Come on.

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