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Human body temperature is slowly dropping, and 37°C has become a thing of the past. What does this mean?

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:25:36

Human body temperature is slowly dropping, and 37°C has become a thing of the past. What does this mean?

In most people's minds, as long as the body temperature is maintained at 37 degrees Celsius, it means that the body temperature is normal and it is a manifestation of health. However, some people have found that this is not the case after research. Now the normal body temperature of most people is not 37 degrees Celsius, but is kept at around 36.5 degrees Celsius. The reason why the overall temperature has a downward trend and what it means should be understood clearly. Most people think that 37 degrees Celsius is a normal body temperature. As long as it is maintained at this value, it means that there is no fever, which is a healthy feature. After research, it was found that in recent years, the body temperature of the human body has been declining, and it is mostly maintained at around 36.5 degrees Celsius. Among them, the body temperature of men is falling faster than that of women. The reason for this is related to changes in ambient temperature. Now there are all kinds of refrigeration appliances. In the hot summer, there is no need to endure the extreme heat and high temperature. Many people will stay in the air-conditioned room. After the air conditioner is used, the indoor temperature is suitable, and people will feel comfortable in this state. As the temperature of the living environment changes, human body temperature also tends to decrease, which is a process of continuous evolution and evolution. In addition, the reduction of body inflammation will also cause the body temperature to drop. After inflammation occurs, the metabolism will speed up, and then the body temperature will increase. However, with the advancement of medical care and people paying more and more attention to health maintenance, enough attention has been paid to minor problems, and inflammation has been reduced, and body temperature has also been reduced. Of course, more people now accept the saying that modern life makes many people in a sub-healthy state, with less exercise, uncontrolled diet, and life pressure, all of which affect the human body in a state of stress and secrete cortisol. More and more, fat is stored while breaking down muscle, and the adverse consequence is a decrease in basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolism cannot be maintained well, and the body temperature usually decreases. This condition is detrimental to health, and to ensure good health, one should maintain a normal metabolic rate. How can I keep my body temperature normal? There are many good things you can do to keep your body temperature normal, such as focusing on improving your resistance. Enhanced immunity is the key to preventing the invasion of diseases. If the physical condition is poor, but the unhealthy lifestyle is still retained, and the body is gradually damaged by the invasion of certain bacteria, most people will have fever under the influence of inflammation. In order to avoid the impact of this situation, you should pay attention to dietary adjustment in life to ensure that all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body are met. In addition, following the principle of correct work and rest, going to bed early and getting up early, and engaging in sports, a good attitude and maintaining a good lifestyle are all conducive to disease prevention. To sum up, it can be seen that the human body no longer maintains 37 degrees Celsius, but has a phenomenon of lower body temperature, which means that the metabolic rate gradually slows down, there is no normal metabolism to maintain the body's operation, and health problems will occur. So don't think a drop in body temperature is a good thing.

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