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Japanese generally do not like sports, why are they the longest living in the world? There are 4 reasons

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:00:01

Japanese generally do not like sports, why are they the longest living in the world? There are 4 reasons

The secret of longevity must be understood clearly. Through a healthy lifestyle, the immune system can be improved, the organs can function normally, there is no disease trouble, and it can effectively fight against aging, so as to prolong life naturally. However, many people have found such a rule through research. Japanese people do not like sports, but their average life expectancy is very long. What is the specific reason?

1. Good mentality

Having a healthy and good mentality is one of the reasons why Japanese people live longer. my country is a country with a large population, and most people are busy all day to make a living. Compared with Japan, which has a higher economic level, most people in China are under pressure. Whether it is life or work, the invisible pressure makes many people feel breathless, and long-term negative emotions are generated, the pressure is not released, it is prone to mental health problems, and even affects the endocrine, lowers resistance, and it is difficult to extend lifespan . Keeping a good attitude, being optimistic every day, and being enthusiastic about life will often lead to a longer lifespan.

2. Like to eat fish

Japanese people like to eat fish to the same extent as Chinese people's dependence on rice. Relevant data shows that the weight of fish eaten per capita in Japan every year can reach more than 100 kilograms, and most fish can provide rich nutrition for the human body. In addition to obtaining high-quality protein, it can also provide trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids. The acquisition of these nutrients has a protective effect on blood vessels and can greatly reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. Without the distress of these serious diseases, life expectancy is extended with a reduction in prevalence.

3. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is the secret to longevity. Because Japan is a country with a higher economic level, it is less stressful than China in terms of living. Most of the Chinese people are used to working from 9 to 6. They are busy with work every day, and sometimes they often stay up late and work overtime because the task at hand is not completed. The effects of long-term lack of sleep are obvious, which are the reasons for accelerated aging, endocrine disorders and decreased resistance in some people. Most Japanese live longer because they have enough sleep time.

4. Pay attention to health examinations

Pay attention to physical examinations, and regularly go to the hospital for relevant examinations. This good practice makes the Japanese live longer. Although life lies in exercise, Japanese people still live a long life without exercising. The main reason is to pay attention to the maintenance of the body and to carry out regular inspections. Inspection is a way to understand the physical condition. Some diseases can be detected as early as possible and dealt with in time, thereby preventing small problems from turning into major diseases. However, China has a large population base, and many rural areas do not popularize health knowledge. Many people think that examinations are a waste of money, so they are reluctant to go to the hospital for medical examinations.

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